Flight MH370 and Suppressed News Reports In China Print
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Sunday, 09 March 2014 09:53

There were 239 people on the passenger list of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, but 3 people have confirmed that they were not on the 'plane. Then who used their passports and took their seats?

37 year old Luigi Maraldi from Italy had his passport stolen on 1st August 2013 in Thailand. Luigi went back to Italy and applied for a new passport. and now lives in Thailand.

According to CNN, an Austrian, Christian Kozel was not on board the 'plane. Christian is fine and in good health, living in Austria. Kozel's Austrian passport was stolen in Thailand 2 years ago.

Moscow radio station, EchoMsk reported that a Russian man, whose name is on the passenger list of Flight MH370, did not board the 'plane as his passport was stolen. It is not confirmed whether his seat was taken.

How did the 2 people using fake passports board Flight MH370? Chinese media, CNFOL reported that 7 passengers were transferred from China Southern Airlines under a code sharing arrangement with Malaysia Air: 1 Chinese; 2 Ukranians; 1 Austrian; 1 Italian and 1 Malaysian.

China Southern Airlines has been in the spotlight in China many times in recent years due to corruption related to senior personnel. But due to strong support from some communist leaders, the top management of the airline remained untouchable.

Many Chinese are asking: we can imagine someone having a fake passport to enter America, or Europe, but why would they need a fake passport to go to Beijing? And they are even fake European passports?!

A journalist calling himself Xu Yunfeng, complained on his blog:

Translation: "If one day the local town paper is dead, the main reason is that the news of how more than 200 people died was not allowed to be published. Why are the voices of relatives so meaningless? Why are they not allowed to question the delay of the response by Malaysian Airlines and some related departments? If you can control media, can you control people's minds? Just have a look at how quickly the news, and truth is being updated on the web..."

But the post and the blog itself was quickly removed by the communist authorities. Fortunately someone had taken a screenshot before it 'disappeared'.

It seems very odd that the 'plane had been missing for over 10 hours before the media had a chance to report it. Relatives of the passengers certainly wonder what happened to this "forgotten" 'plane? Did some authorities cover-up information? and why?

Another Chinese media outlet revealed that a Chinese person whose name is on the MH370 passenger list, and who has a passport issued in Fuzhou, China, did not travel overseas and the passport number does not match. Then who was this Chinese?

The news that 154 Chinese were on board Flight MH370, the recent Kunming mass killings and also a former CEO of a Hong Kong media being stabbed only days earlier, cast a pall over the Chinese People's Congress in Beijing.

Beijing leadership insiders had already disclosed to some independent media, that both the Hong Kong stabbing, and Kunming mass killings were organized by Zeng Qinghong, or Jiang Zeming's faction. It appears that Jiang's faction will continue to try to create any chance to make another coup possible. Taking power from Xi Jinping's hands is a matter of life and death to the Jiang faction. Whether this disaster is related to the faction's final struggle, is now a matter of wait and see.