Greetings From Russia Met With Chinese Anger Print
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Wednesday, 01 October 2014 23:01

The Chinese Communist Party celebrate 65 years of control in China on 1st Oct this year. The Russian Embassy sent out congratulations to Chinese people through its Chinese weibo site:

Russian Embassy wishes all Chinese to have a happy National Day, and wishing you a nice holiday week.


The response from Chinese bloggers:

"You brought the old Mao, that's why we have today's event. Numbed.  ("Numbed" sounds same as a swear word.)

"The yellow weasel sends greetings, chickens feeling a lot of pressure!"

"You stole hundred and thousand land from us; sent cult into our country, you are our enemy of generations!"

"Haixenwei belongs to China from ancient times!!"

"Fxxx You old Mao"

"Stuff you, you stole our land and come to greet us, Kill all of you Russians"

""Take away your cult, we want those lands back"

"Dog breeds Mao, you lot"

"Return our land"

"Return [Нерчинский договор treaty], return out Haixenwei and outer Xing-an-ling.

"Without you sending communism here, we would be better off."

"Take back the bastards of Stalin from here"

"Cao xxxxxx your old grandpa Mao"

"Ha ha, aren't you too friendly?"

"Greetings to old Mao's 8 generations of ancesters!"

"Chinese people are all very thankful to the many generation of ancesters of you Russians!"

"Cao Ni ma!"

"Get lost 'numbed'!"

"Greetings to your Lenin with syphilis"

"One day we will get back our land, get rid of the unfair treaty."

"Go back to your home, without your help, there won't be thugs (here) today"

"Go away"

"Take your cult back, return our land"


Screenshot of the responding blogs below.


The Russian Embassy set up their Chinese Weibo site last year on the day that Beijing announced Xi Jinping's plan to visit Russia. It attracted over 25 thousand responses from Chinese in just a few days, but it was very hard to find friendly ones!

So where are the good relations between China and Russia? And how would China and Russia unite if there is war?!

Young Chinese are now more aware of the truth of Chinese history with the help of anti firewall apps which allow Chinese to circumvent communist internet censorship.