Xi Jinping's House Inspection in Poorest County Town Print
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Sunday, 23 August 2015 09:50

Guizhou Government buildingChina's Guizhou province is the poorest area in China, with many villages still receiving a special government allowance. In the past couple of decades, much of the allowance funds have been"highjacked" by top officials, and cases of people going to Beijing seeking justice happen everyday.

Chinese communist party cadres are famously wealthy, and the leaders in Guizhou province are not lagging behind.

On June 16th this year, Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, visited Guizhou and surrounding areas. Xi asked to visit 4 or 5 local leaders homes. It was not on his planned schedule. Xi commented after staying about 10 minutes in each house: "These houses are not any worse than those of the ministers of European countries."

After this visit, the communist party leader of Guizhou, Zhou Benshun was held for investigation, and Zhao Kezhi replaced him.

In fact, Chinese communist leaders not only have extra houses in China, most of them have luxurious houses in oversea countries, like America, Canada, Australia, and England. Many of them have been quickly selling their houses in China secretly, and even below market value to move assets out of the country.

After Xi Jinping started his anti-corruption campaign following the dramatic arrest of Bo Xilai in 2012, hundreds of thousands of Chinese communist cadres and their relatives and close friends have rushed to buy houses overseas for cash.

On top right is the Guizhou government building.

The following 3 photos are Guizhou public schools. (screenshot from Chinese blogs)


The above is called the "United Primary School"

Guizhou "Happy Primary School" with no electricity and no transport.


A freelance Chinese journalist visited Guizhou county locals.

Typical local houses according to journalist.

Journalist with a local elder. Chinese notes read: "this hen is the only valuable belonging of the lady, her home contents are valued at less than 100 yuan.


Journalist with local kids. all are in primary school, except one under age. Some already work to help support their families. (below.)