Zhou Yongkang's Son May Face Death Sentence Print
Real China
Sunday, 05 October 2014 01:45

The former Politburo Standing Committee member and former secretary of the Central Political and Law Commission, Zhou Yongkang,  was formally investigated last December, and his son, Zhou Bin, 41, was arrested. The arrest of Zhou Bing is regarded as a key step towards initiating judicial proceedings against Zhou Yongkong.

Sources who are familiar with the case, say that Zhou Bin was alleged to be involved in illegal transactions within the oil industry in Sichuan province, and will face court soon where he could face a death sentence.

According to a US Chinese media, Der Spiegel News Network earlier report, Zhou Bin was allegedly helping his father in law. His wife, Wang Wan’s parents have a company in the USA, and have taken advantage of Zhou Bin's father’s relationship with former China National Petroleum Corporation’s chairman, Jiang Jiemin, to contract the oversea oil fields that were acquired. The China National Petroleum Corporation earned huge amounts of interest via these contracts, and the family would transfer their illicit profit to a Swiss bank to evade regulations.  It was said that Zhou Yongkang earned at least ¥490billion yuan.

The South China Morning Post reported that Zhou Bin has yet to announce the law firm that will defend him, but that the prosecution will report directly to the Chinese Communist Party General Secretary, Xi Jinping.

An independent Beijing scholar, Ms. Gaoyu, said yesterday, that there is high credibility of the evidence against Zhou Bin, and that once he is found guilty, authorities would formally liquidate Zhou Yongkang ‘s family assets, and the related investigations would enter the judicial stage.

Like father like son, Zhou Yongkang was named as the "King of a Hundred Chickens", amid rumours that Zhou (in his early days) had slept with 400 women, and had raped some of them.

Zhou Bin is also famous for being especially 'fond of ' women. This photo is well known by every blogger in China. It was taken when Zhou Bing visited a casino in Perth, Australia. (screenshot)