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--------------- Henry David Thoreau

Why Did Beijing Censor Olympic Murder Reports? PDF Print E-mail
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S Gregory   

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, an American, the father-in-law of the coach of the US volleyball team, was murdered in front of his wife and daughter, but Chinese media were forbidden to report this.

On the surface, it appears logical that the Chinese regime has once again violated its promise about allowing free news reporting during the Olympics, as nobody really expected it to comply.

On 9th Aug, after the horrific incident happened, the US volleyball team held a news conference. Several Chinese reporters participating in the news conference had their articles confiscated, including some notebooks and a mini recorder. Also, the news of this murder was touched on very lightly or not at all Chinese websites. Some...

The Berlin Wall in China PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
China Uncensored Staff   

On 3 November 2009, Reporters Without Borders criticized Chinese authorities for blocking the website known as Virtual Berlin Wall.  Mr Wu Fan, a current affairs commentator on on New Tang Dynasty Television, gives a more detailed account of this matter.

Mr Wu pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wished to block all sorts of information that could lead to the fall of its dictatorial rule. It tried to construct a Chinese-style cyber-equivalent of...

A Meeting With the Dalai Lama in Sydney PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Yu Tang   

On December 2nd 2009, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, met with members of the Chinese Liberal Culture Movement (CLCM) in the meeting Chamber of the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Professor Yuan Hongbing, exiled Chinese lawyer, writer and initiator of the CLCM, exchanged greetings with the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama spoke in the Tibetan language during the meeting which was...

Three Jokes by Chinese Bloggers PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Rena Gregory   

Mao Zedong called Deng Xiaoping to his death bed:"Xiaoping, to be honest, there is one thing that bothers me badly, I am worried that some of the party members may not follow your lead.”

Deng answered: “No worries Brother, if they do not want to follow me, I will let them go with you.”

The Bigger the Head, the Smarter the Person? PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Xin San Cai   

Ten misconceptions about health

An article in Taiwan Health magazine reveals that many of the concepts we have regarding our bodies, are in fact wrong. Common knowledge is incorrect more often than you may realize.  Let's have a look at some examples below:

Quick Book Review: A China More Just PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
China Uncensored   

Book: A China More Just --- My Fight as a Rights Lawyer in the World’s Largest Communist State


Attorney. Activist. Fearless. Faithful.

The story of one man who has taken on the world’s largest authoritarian regime. And, in the eyes of many, won.

Born and raised in a cave with only the stars to tell time, Gao Zhisheng rose from poverty to become China’s most important lawyer. He has courageously...

Priorities of the Chinese Communist Regime PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
J. Davis   

At the start of October,  the Chinese Health Ministry reported nearly 12,000 people had been diagnosed with swine flu, 7500 recovered and no deaths.

According to the official communist party website: "The Ministry of Public Security demands that all security organizations pay a great deal of attention to the possible effects on social stability from the H1N1...

The Moon, the Human Body and the Universe PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Yu Tang   

Many people may believe that the moon's periodic changes affect human beings. The most obvious example is the menstrual period of women. Under normal conditions, a woman's period occurs every 28 days, exactly in between a sidereal month (the time between maximum elevations of a fixed star as seen from the Moon, which is approximately 27 days) and a lunar...

My Experience With Communist Officials in Germany PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Web blogger   

My experience is typical of the Chinese official group in Germany.  I left China in my younger days and studied in a German university.  After graduation, I started working, got married and have children.  My husband is also the same. So in fact I do not quite understand the 'modern' Chinese society. However, through my career - translation – I have known some people from...

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