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Factory Worker Photo Fail in Front of Li Keqiangg

When Chinese news reported on Premier Li Keqiang's visit to a Dongguan factory, a photo of this worker caught many people by surprise, Can you find anything wrong?



One Chinese blog said: "girl, please don't pretend, doesnt your hand get burnt?"

Another blogger: "So a government office worker pretends to sit there?"

Another: "could that be a "massage parlour lady" performing a sit in?" (Dongguan is "famous" for its massive prostitution "industry" which isprotected by local officials and criminals)

Does Hun Sen Fear a Communist Cage? PDF Print E-mail
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Yu Tang   

The Chinese Communist regime has offered billions of dollars to countries that agree to follow it's strategies for dominance on the international stage.

Cambodia as one of it's allies, is famous for it's tight fist towards democracy for it's own people. But despite 260 million yuan from China, and a brand new office for himself, the reward did not impress Prime Minister Hun Sen.

According to a Chinese media report, Hun Sen was dissatisfied with the Prime Minister's Office built by China-aid costing 260 million yuan and refused to move in.  Hun Sen was not satisfied with the architectural design, the decoration and the quality of the office.  He refused to move in and built another new government office instead.

The building of the Cambodian Prime Minister Office is one of the ‘assistance for Cambodia’ projects which were confirmed during the visit of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in April 2006. Both sides formally signed the agreement on November 30 and confirmed that the construction would be undertaken by the China Yunnan Construction Engineering Group.

The new office is located in the compound of the existing Prime Minister's Office at Russian Road Cambodia.  It is 39.5 meters high with seven stories.  The building area is 33,000 square meters.  The construction period was 19 months and the cost was 2. 6 million yuan (1 U.S. dollars equals to 7.725 yuan).

Chinese media: 'Our own experts evaluate the quality as "excellent"

From 18 to 29 January 2008, appointed by the Secretary for the Ministry of Commerce of Foreign Aid, two foreign aid officials and four experts from the Division Shanghai Construction (Group) Company carried out for eleven days a medium-stage inspection. The experienced main structural engineers classed the quality of land as "excellent", 100%.

From 15 to 30 November 2008, six experts from the Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai Construction (Group) Company composed a project completion team to carry out the final inspection, a period of 16 days for acceptance.  The experienced group seriously reviewed and assessed the situation as follows: good quality control of projects and testing facilities, integral data quality assurance, a comprehensive assessment of the quality of the project is "excellent."

What went wrong?

Hun Sen may have understood more clearly the real nature of the Chinese communist regime, and he may have sensed that this' gift', might end up as his own cage



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