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Chen Gang   

Will China be in chaos if the communist Party does not rule?

In the spring of 1989, we experienced 20 days without the communist party.

On 13th May 1989, many students from universities in Beijing came to Tiananmen Square, to support calls against corruption and to gain basic human rights. From that day, tens of thousands students started fasting, and many people from all areas of society voluntarily joined the protest.

It was estimated that it reached a maximum of 3 million people in one day in peaceful protest in Tiananmen Square. From this day on, the communist party gradually lost control of Beijing; and Beijing was getting to the state of having no government control.

I was in my third year in university. I followed other classmates to Tiananmen Square on 16th May; there was no sign of traffic policemen; security police; even the police guard in front of the Great Hall of the People had disappeared.

But all venues and traffic were directed by university students. Everyday, tens of thousands of students, workers from factories, etc, went to the Square, some gathered in the centre of the Square; some paraded around the outskirts of the Square, but there were no cases of fighting; stealing; or any sort of crime during that those days.

There was food and drink sent from all department offices in Beijing, piled up like mountains. I was with a few students who took the  initiative to distribute the food. We were busy passing food to others without taking advantage ourselves; and everyone took according to what they needed, and there was no rule, no requirements. I still remember that I was so thrilled to think that the so-called “communist utopia” came to reality in Tiananmen Square when the communist party was cast out.

I felt Tiananmen Square was like a purifying furnace that purifies people’s heart. I was in my youth, and seeing many beautiful young female students in the Square, it would have been quite a good opportunity for me, a bachelor, to find a girl friend there. But I did not have the intention to do so, because I felt that I was among all the students, who have the heart to love our country, hoping to build a better country, I would not do anything to tarnish such a sacred gesture.

“Why don’t United Nation send troops to Beijing to protect us!?”

A week later on 20th May, many truckloads of soldiers were sent in from all directions to Beijing, but the trucks were blocked by Beijing residents. Those Beijing citizens were not violent or aggressive. They calmly asked those soldiers why they were sent here, and the soldiers replied: “Beijing is attacked by riots, we came to restore order.”

Many residents tried to explain to the soldiers that everything in Beijing was peaceful, there was no need for them to come. Beijing residents worked so hard to block any military trucks from entering the Square. I remember that one lady said: “Why don’t the  United Nation send troops to Beijing to protect us!?”

Without the rule of the communist party, without policemen and soldiers, all shops were open for business; all businesses were running normally. There was even a banner in the parade saying: “Thieves on strike to support students’ peaceful appeal!”

Even the communist controlled media had dared to broadcast some real voices during that period without interference from the communist regime. Beijing residents said that the environment of Beijing had never been so harmonious.

One evening, I rode my bicycle home and bumped into another rider accidentally, before I could open my mouth to say sorry, he was already saying, “ no problem, I understand!” and he just waved his hand to me and moved away. As scene like this was hardly seen in Beijing before (or after June 4th massacre).

People usually fight for anything as Chinese people have been suppressed so much and so many grievances been pushed deep inside, that people try to find a chance to let it explode. But now, in just these few days without communist rule, people were so happy, so forgiving, so caring for each other. How nice it would have been if this had continued and the communists no longer ruled in China!

During those days, the peace and harmony inevitably stirred people's thoughts: If we help students enough, we might be able to see this movement actually remove the communist party from its dictatorship over Chinese people.

All those peaceful days were before the evening of 3rd of June, 1989.

And what you here is the following days after communist rule returned to Beijing:

Many people like me, still remember and cherish the peaceful, harmonious period in 1989 in Tiananmen Square, Beijing in which we had been free from the rule of the communist regime.



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