Food Situation Much Worse Than Just Poisoned Milk Print
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Zhang Yijie   

A former Chinese official of the Department of Trade, Zhang Yijie, reveals the current situation of the Chinese food market.

Food pollution has long existed in China. Some is polluted during the production process; some comes from polluted raw materials; but a more serious issue is the man made agents that are added into food, and also into animal feed that brings about the severe pollution in the food and biological chain. It brings about a danger far more extensive than the poisoned milk powder. And the majority of our citizens don't know the real situation.

The dismal reputation of Chinese export products is the result of corrupt politicians and businessmen who only seek profit.

In Russia, some markets openly hang signs saying: ‘No items made in China in this market’.

The Chinese product has been pushed from big shopping centers to market stalls. The cheaply-priced Chinese product can be seen everywhere in western countries market stalls. In fact, the disaster is long lasting, and the situation is worse than you can imagine.

Dumped in domestic market

China exports many frozen foods, such as frozen fresh prawn, king crab, pork, chicken, duck, fish and semi processed food, etc to countries in European regions, and these have been frequently detected to have high levels of various kinds of poisonous substances. The products that do not meet Europe’s safety standards are put into the domestic market by the Chinese communist authorities.

For instance, processed chicken and duck food that China exported to European countries, has an excessive level of sex hormones, steroids and antibiotics, which are harmful substances.

In the poultry industry in China, in order to speed up sales of chicken and ducks, they add hormones, steroid and antibiotics to the feed. The antibiotic is used to prevent disease and the prevention of chicken flu epidemic. Hormones and steroids enable the chicken and ducks to grow rapidly to a large size.

The substances in the feed remain in the chicken and eggs, and naturally act on the human body when people eat it. The effect of the intake of hormones and steroids on the bodies of children are the most notable, menstruation appeared in some girls aged seven or eight years old, boys and girls grow beards, and some have growth deformities.

Well, there are many children nowadays with deformed growth and odd diseases. Why? People rarely know the reason.

Once people were worried about the discovery of the ‘essence of the lean meat’ (clambuterol chloride) that was found in food that China exported to the  Europian Union, but that was not even a big issue! There is an even more harmful substance not being reported by media, contained in the ‘essence of the lean meat’,that is commonly referred to (in China) as ‘receptor element’ and its systemic name is ‘Adrenal glands Type B acceptor agent’.

It is a type of nerve stimulant, if consumed by humans it can lead to palpitations, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and damage to the nervous system, even heart paralysis. There have been a number of cases in China of people dying from eating food containing ‘essence of the lean meat’. But the media do not dare to report so people rarely know about this.

The fish, shrimp and crab that China exported to countries of European Union also contain high levels of ‘Peacock stone green’ and many kinds of antibiotics that harm the human body. The initial discovery of ‘Peacock stone green’ contained in Chinese fishing products was because of those foreign countries inspections and research. The prawns and crabs fed with these substances take about half the normal time to mature and be marketable.

Well, it is not something unthinkable for Chinese that these meats are released into domestic markets by the Chinese government after being refused by the European Union. There is a saying among ancient Chinese people: Do not offer other people things that you cannot use yourself.’

I hope you understand what type of food that Chinese people are actually eating.

As someone who can view this situation from an insider's perspective, I cannot avoid a similar fate to the rest of the Chinese people. I try to protect the healthy grow of my child, we never eat chickens, ducks and river fish, but how can I avoid all poison contaminated food?! We have to eat, and there is no way I can avoid them all, if you know what I have seen in everyday food, it is just simply horrifying.

Apart from the above-mentioned meat related poison food, the market is flooded with polluted water, paraffin waxed rice, poison noodle, poison rice noodle, ditch oil cooked dishes, methanol, DDT mixed wine, fake drugs, and industry waste salt to manufacture the salted duck egg, phosphate hams, chemical colored tea, formaldehyde pickled products are everywhere in the food.

No vegetables are free of chemicals in China: sulfur preserved mushroom, bleached white mushroom, sulfur dyed dates, millet and maize, hospital waste plaster and chemical bleach to make tofu, urea added bean sprouts, high level lead preserved eggs, chemical saccharin, essences, pigment in drinks, soy sauce made from waste hair, industrial chemical made into vinegar, the poison gelatine used by the medicine and food industry, injected water watermelon, hormone injected into fruits and tomatoes that make them turn red, etc, etc, too many!

This is the basic situation of Chinese food, manufacturing, and exports over a long period. What else can Chinese people eat?! The Chinese people are being slowly poisoned, and I don’t know when will be the next large outbreak out of food poisoning that might wipe out another lot of people.

A second earthquake

The poisoned milk powder scandal is a second earthquake in Sichuan, the most tragic victims are the children. But the danger embedded in Chinese people’s lives and also in international society is much larger than one realizes.

The so-called ‘China is in a prosperous and flourishing period’ is propaganda for the Chinese communist rulers; a lie to fool ordinary Chinese people, and exactly like the food poisoning situation in China, the surface looks posh, but inside is full of deadly poison and cannot be rectified.

About ten years ago, it was revealed that Shanghianese people drink one spoon of urea every day. But it would be very lucky for Shanghainese if the situation is only of that degree in later years! The the mass chemical factories that constantly pour poisonous substances into the water systems has made the situation uncorrectable. If you dare to expose any of those companies, you would not be able to avoid infringing a high level communist official’s personal profit. The water pollution in Shanghai is horrific! One can decide not to eat chickens and fish, but one cannot avoid drinking water!

However, the interests of the Chinese people is nothing to the Chinese communist regime as evidenced by the seizing and transformation of state-owned businesses to become the private property of communist leaders and their relatives.

Chinese people do not know that the regime transports radioactive waste from overseas countries into China for burial in China. Some Chinese media found out but were ordered not to publish the news.

The communists turned the territory of China, one of the world’s largest natural resources into a huge construction site, a large processing plant and foreigner’s garbage factory.

This is the current situation that Chinese people are facing.

It is every Chinese persons duty to recall the morality of ancient China and to overthrow this evil regime. This is the only way out for China, is the only hope for all Chinese people.