The CCP Is The Enemy of Justice Print
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Bob Vinnicombe   

The detention of Rio Tinto executives prove the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)is an enemy.

The detention of an Australian Rio Tinto executive should be illuminating to those who don't already know the true nature of the Chinese Communist regime.

What do you expect when you are dealing with people brought up on Marxist-Leninist dogmas like "the end justifies the means” and “a useful lie is better that a useless truth"?

Our Government has also forgotten that when dealing with Beijing they are dealing with the regime that backed Pol Pot, that took power by force and has never faced an election, that drags women who are pregnant with their second child off to have forced abortions, cuts the organs out of political prisoners while they are still alive to sell for transplants, possesses an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction and plunders the resources of Tibet and East Turkestan for its own gain. Why should we be surprised such a regime retaliates for losing out on a business deal by arresting an Australian businessman on a trumped up spying charge?

As all corporations in China are arms of the Chinese Communist Party all commercial secrets are by definition State secrets.

Espionage is something the Chinese communists themselves have got down to a fine art as Chinese students in Australia are required to spy on each other, the computer systems of Western Governments are continually hacked and Chinese and Tibetan dissidents in Sydney have their mobile phones tapped by the Chinese embassy.

The arrest could also be retaliation for the fact that the Australian, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet comprising Michael Danby and Melissa Parke (Labor), Peter Slipper (Liberal), Nick Xenophon (Independent) and Scott Ludlam and Sarah Hanson-Young (Greens) has just snubbed the CCP by making an official visit to the Tibetan Parliament in Exile and the Dalai Lama in India.

The lesson is don’t deal with the devil and don't sell off the rights to any more of our precious resources to the Chinese Communist Party.

Bob Vinnicombe is Executive Director of One Nation Party, Australia. (An Australian political party)