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Why Professor Fan Crawled for One Kilometre

On 1 Jan 2014, Professor Fan Zongxin crawled on his hands and knees for a kilometre accompanied by his dog, with his wife filming him.

Why? On 1 Jan, 2013, when blogging on the web, Professor Fan predicted that during, Chinese officials who held positions at lower than provincial level, would open their affairs and income to public scrutiny. He promised that: : "If my prediction is not fulfilled, than I must be as stupid as a pig, I shall crawl for 1 km."

On 31st Dec. 2013, bloggers resurrected his post and reminded him of his promise. So he fulfilled his promise first thing on New Year's Day, which resulted in bleeding knees and palms.

Whilst he was crawling, people walking by and asked him what kind of Tai-chi or health training he was doing, Fan replied: "Straightening back bone for citizens."

Chinese bloggers applauded Professor Fan for keeping his word, and asked him if he would like to re-new his prediction and promise for this year. "NO, NO" he replied.

Xinjiang Riots or Premeditated Massacre? PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Wang Xi   

Regional telephone lines were cut, personal mobile phones all confiscated, regional internet connection cut, every house ransacked, all Uyghur males over 3 years old being taken away…… Even western reporters were being organized in advance to be onsite to produce “live” reports.

Is this some sort of military exercise for a bigger operation? Or is it an ultra ugly stratagem to divert attention away from the crisis of communist rule in China. To shift focus to fighting amongst Chinese people?

Posted by Chinese blogger: ...those xinjiang people who shout slogan are not Uyghurs from their accent. (web photo)

The injured Uyghur people from Shaoguan recall the night,” those young people of Han were so fit and skilful in fighting. They have all the same type of hitting sticks; they were so well organised and efficient”.

Every single Uyghur on that night suffered injury. (screenshot)

A Chinese blogger had posted an order sent by the Chinese media control center to their web police: To disclose the crime of Eastern separatists with most efforts, let the masses know the true character of Eastern separatists. This is how the Chinese government regards the Uyghur people.

letter sent to peacehall website by a Chinese blogger. (screenshot)

The fact is there are still Chinese people who hold firm to their rights and their belief. The famous Shanghai human rights lawyer, Mr. Zheng Enchong, has been detained almost every day since the so called “Xinjiang riots” broke out. In an interview with The Epoch Times, Mr. Zheng suggests that the July 5th event was premeditated.

Lawyer Zheng talks about an interview he saw on Xinjiang TV through a satellite channel. He says that on the 11th July, Xinjiang TV station aired an interview conducted from the streets of Xinjiang. A reporter askied a Captain of an armed police squad: ‘were you the first to arrive at the scene when the events broke?”
The captain replied: ‘We received orders on 1st of July….’

Mr. Zheng commented that the so called riots occurred on 5th of July, but 4 days earlier the government started to mobilize the army
The Captain also said that the 300 armed police had to divide into 3 teams entering Xinjiang city.

Mr Zheng said that this event was just like the June 4th massacre with very similar plans.



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