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CCTV News, You Better Believe It!

The communist mouthpiece, TV station CCTV, is called by Chinese 'the true dog of the communist regime'.

When Chinese are angry at some one lying, they will say: "You are just like CCTV!"

You may understand why from this screenshot from CCTV on 22nd Dec, 2010:

The Chinese characters in the TV screen: People welcome the rise in petrol prices.

The yellow character line is the title of the news item: 'All people in the country are very happy to welcome the rise in petrol prices.'

If you have doubts, here are the smiling faces of "All Chinese people" in the screenshot below.

Margaret Chan's Red Mission PDF Print E-mail
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Margaret Chan, the former Director of the Hong Kong Health Department in Tung Jianhua’s cabinet, was a mediocre officer.  In 2003 her slow response in handling the outbreak of SARS in Hong Kong resulted in her losing the support of the people.

In 2007, because of strong lobbying from Central Government Officials and Diplomatic Envoys of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate, the infamous Margaret Chan was appointed as the Director General of the World Health Organization.  I know that Director General Chan has to complete four secret red missions:

1  to prevent Taiwan's entry into the WHO;

2  to steal for the Chinese Communists the world's most advanced biotechnology and intellectual property rights;

3  to monitor the Western hygiene dynamic and to collect relevant information for the Chinese Communists.

4  to conceal and keep confidential for the Chinese Communists any domestic disease outbreak.

The problem is that Margaret Chan is not a special officer of a United Kingdom Intelligence Agency; she is not graduated from Israel's Mossad Covert School; nor is she the foreign secretary of the Chinese military in Nanjing Institute of International Relations..

To be blunt, she is just a shallow-minded ordinary lady.

Probably she was very grateful to her homeland for letting her climb to the top of the world's health field, so she is eager to do as much as possible to repay her boss - Beijing.

The Disinfection Minister of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) silenced the milk poisoning scandal

People with bad thoughts always take advantage of any sort of disaster to mess things up.

In early September 2008, an incident that shocked the world happened in China: due to collusion between corrupt local government officers and traders, millions of infants and young children were fed poisonous milk.

In accordance with international practice, the first person to reveal and to condemn the case should be WHO’s Director-General: Madame Margaret Chan.

The world's eyes were on her; the Ministers of Health of every country looked to her for leadership; the international human rights organizations and Reporters Without Borders questioned her; however during the entire critical month of September, she did not make any direct statement.

One day in October, an article on the “reference message” published by the editor-in-chief of the CCP mouthpiece, Xinhua News Agency said: "the representative of the World Health Organization in Beijing highly commended the Chinese Government on the timely manner in which it dealt with the problem of poisoned Sanlu milk powder."

Not long after that, Margaret Chan completely avoided public opinion.  She beat around the bush to say: "We propose that Asian women try to breast-feed their babies."  She did not mention the case in her homeland which disgraced all Chinese people.

In September 2008 the world was in chaos. The world was watching the alteration of oil prices, grain prices, exchange rates and gold prices; focused on Wall Street's financial tsunami, the warfare in Georgia and Russia's provocation of the United States.

WHO’s Director-General shows her 'abnormal love of the Communist Party'

Since its establishment the WHO has never come across such a serious case of food poisoning. However, the chief of the WHO, Margaret Chan, tried to conceal it by treating it as a “domestic special case”.

What was more, she instructed her subordinates to praise the CCP for its handling of the crisis!

Not only she did not follow the principles of the World Health Organization to actively criticize the Chinese poisoning, but she tried to disinfect for the CCP the biggest health scandal of the 21st century!

Margaret Chan repaid her masters in Beijing with acts of betrayal of the conscience of the world. This behaviour will eventually seriously damage the image and framework of the World Health Organization.

The world will ask: Is Dr Margaret Chan a senior Communist?

Will WHO have to set up a party committee?

Is the WHO also under the leadership of the United Front Work Department and the Central Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party?

After all Chan is a woman who has experienced childbirth and motherhood and with her educational background, she should know more than hundreds of millions of Chinese mothers the importance of maternal and child physical and psychological health. She should have exposed the milk poisoning offenders who have injured so many babies.

With a choice between politics and ethics, it is sad that Dr Margaret Chan has selected politics.

Director-General Chan should know the Biblical story of Judah and the gold coins.

She should learn what to protect and what to oppose in the future.

After all what she controls is related to the health and lives of nearly six billion people all over the world.



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