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Since the toxic milk scandal was disclosed in September, 2008, the number of babies affected by the contaminated milk reached as high as 6 million. Those affected by the Sanlu brand alone reach close to 2 million.

Kanzhongguo had interviewed parents who have been victims of Sanlu contaminated milk, and all have severely condemned the company, for forgoing conscience in pursuit of profit. Some parents believe the corrupt government is the root cause of the 22+ dairy producers so far found to have contaminated milk and the ongoing safety issues within the Chinese food industry.

Mr. Wu from Shanxi province said the fact that milk powder across the board has problems proves it’s an unspoken rule of the industry, and from this, the corruption of the government can be seen. He says he is deeply hurt by the government which although it has stepped forward, has failed to positively support the people. Mr. Wu says the events in the past few years have given them a lot to think about, given examples of food contamination such as clenbuterol added to pork, and Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate found in white noodles. He says the government has played the people, and the problems can be said to have destroyed a generation of people, a destruction of an entire nation.

Mrs. Fu from Guangdong province has fed her child Sanlu milk powder for over a year, and the baby has been diagnosed with kidney stones but has not been treated by the hospital. Mrs. Fu says there is only one child in each family, and her child is her entire hope. She feels very helpless now, as no one has told her what to do. Mrs. Fu says as parents they feel very upset as her tiny innocent baby has been harmed. She says it would have definitely been better to have the baby diagnosed and treated early on, rather than dragging on the problems. She blames the enterprises for making “black money” against their conscience, and says she doesn’t know how to continue to live if something was to happen to her baby.

Domestically produced milk powder represents about 54% of the local market, Chinese media estimates those affected by toxic milk powder to be as high as 600 million people. Recently Chinese doctors have predicted online that there may be between 5 and 10 million children who will develop kidney stones. Many children have not presented with symptoms yet, and many have not yet been reported. Statistics like these are surely painting a picture of a national disaster.