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Lao Hu, Chinese blogger   

The Chinese population is not too much, the excuses are too many

We often hear this saying in China: China is poor because of its huge population. I always think that the person who has this thinking has quite a low IQ, so I consulted others - how is this logic produced? The opposition is surprised: “ My God, how come you didn’t even know this? Think about it, if there is only one bread roll, one person can eat a whole; two people can only share half, of course, the more people, the poorer!” He gave me the impression that the bread roll is not produced by human beings, but it fell from heaven. In fact, more people should create more wealth, thus, he thinks that the total wealth of society has still not changed even with more people.

Then I want to ask what those outnumbered people were doing at the end? Are they all just rice buckets (meaning fatheads or good- for- nothings)? There is also another saying: “ One person manages three persons or one person manages 300 persons, you say which one is easier? Look this idiot still can use rhetorical questions. His saying seems like the number of Chinese Government officials and the Japanese Government ones are the same. In reality, there is one government official in every 25 people in China, I do not know the situation in the other countries, however, if one official would not be able to manage 25 people his IQ must be lower than 25.

Search the roots of these sayings, its essences are all the same, that is lack of citizen consciousness. These people have never realized that the wealth of this country is in fact created by their own hands, so there is often heard these kinds of sayings: “The Party (meaning the Chinese Communist Party) feeds you for so many years”; “The motherland is just as a mother of a person”. In fact, obviously we paid tax to feed these idiots. Additionally, in reality people existed first before any country on earth, how come it is opposite that the country becomes the mother of the people?

Some people say “One person can manage three persons, one person can manage 3 hundred people”, that is because deep down in their minds, the only real manager of a country would be the emperor. If too many people are hard to manage, why not divide China into a number of parts that will do it. If I say it, the other side will get even angrier: “You even dared to split the motherland!” For a small country he may say it divides the country, for a large country he may blame the huge population being very hard to manage, it is really hard to win.

There is also a saying “the more people, the average natural resources per person is lower”. Relatively, this saying could be more rational than the previous one, but even though this saying looks very rational, when you compare it horizontally, you will find that is not such a thing at all. According to the population density, there are 136 people per square kilometer in China, it is only situated in the 54th position in the world, behind India 328 people, Japan 337 people, Belgium 339 people, Holland 395 people, Korea 491 people, Taiwan 636 people, whereas the population density in USA is 30 people which is in the 143rd position in the world, followed by, counting down, Venezuela 27 people, Laos 26 people, The Sudan 16 people,Turkmenistan (土库曼)17 people, Mongolia only one person per square kilometer, where one person occupies one square kilometer, that could be called a vast territory with a sparse population? Isn’t it still called a poor wretch。

Someone says “There is a large area of deserts and grasslands where no one has lived in China”, that seems to give the impression that the deserts and grasslands all over the world are all concentrated in China,In fact even if you have ceded three quarters of Chinese territory, all the population is totally concentrated on that leftover small one quarter, our population densities still could not catch Taiwan’s population density。If that is still not ceded enough, then the territory could be ceded by 90%,so that will lead to the density of the Chinese population jumping up to 1360 people, perhaps it is big enough this time? However, the result counts upward still where there is Hong Kong 6317 people, Singapore is 6389 people,as the matter in Macao where there is 17,684 people per square kilometer, even if you cede 99% of Chinese territory,it is still can not be compared to Macao。

Corruption, poor planning

So you will find that there is no association between the wealth of a country and population densities. Thus, the view of some Chinese, is that the Chinese population seems really too many and out of shape, and seriously affects daily life. For example, in the period of Chinese New Year, if you go to look at the trains, there are stacks of molluscs inside all the train carriages, at that time you basically could not feel any dignity as a human being. In fact, you do not need to go on the train, just standing outside the train station to have a glance and you will know.

However, at this time why do you only think of too many people and have no thoughts about the transport capacity being too poor? Although, the length of Chinese railways is the greatest in Asia and the third in the world, in reality, it is only a little bigger than our neighboring country India, where the area of the territory of India is only one third of Chinese territory. Additionally, the area of territory of USA is similar to China, the population of USA is less than one quarter of the Chinese population, however, the length of US railways is three times of the length of Chinese railways. If the Chinese railways are all pulled apart and given out to all the Chinese, every person would only get 5.5 centimeters length, selling scrap metal wouldn’t even be worth a few dollars, it is in the nearly two hundredth position in the world. The length of Chinese motorways is not even as good as India, however, 70% of all the toll motorways in the world are in China.

In fact, Chinese government income has reached 5000 billions (5万亿) Renminbi人民币, among them public funded consumption, public car consumption, and public funded tours wasted 900 billions (9000亿), the portion of administration expenditure reached 19 %, which is twice that of the USA, 4.5 times that of Britain, 8 times that of Japan. This is all according to official figures. In fact, how much is it? “Outsiders can not see and understand it, insiders also can not speak clearly”.

The Chinese government just needs to budget that little bit, then what problems such as medical care or education can not be solved? The government even by clearing up just a little bit of corruption, could allow more Chinese to afford housing? So, the population theory is just an excuse of the government, this is because the government is doing badly, and seeks this kind of excuse to shirk its own responsibility.

Arabs are poor, they say it is because of Israel; North Koreans are poor, they say because of the sanctions of US imperialism. Such a big country, even suppose if it was sanctioned in real life, wouldn’t we be able to be self sufficient even for our grain? Obviously it is talking nonsense. Our Chinese however love to say there are too many people in China, and then do fertility planning; as well the work of fertility planning also can feed a bunch of money makers. 50 years ago, the population in China was only 600 millions (6亿), it was a lot less than now, and the result was that someone had a sudden brilliant idea, and it lead to 5 % of population dying from starvation just in one go.