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Mount Emei (Chinese: 峨嵋山) in Shichuan province, China is one of the five sacred mountains in China.It is 3099M above the sea level.

The patron Bodhisattva of Emei is Samantabhadra, known in Chinese as Puxian (普贤菩萨). 16th and 17th century sources allude to the practice of martial arts in the monasteries of Mount Emei and make the earliest extant reference to the Shaolin Monastery as Chinese boxing's place of origin.

Mount Emei was made a World Heritage Site in 1996 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Photos by China uncensored.

Land Seizure, A Fatal Hit On Farmers PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored   

Investigations have revealed that 98% of wealthy individuals in China are Chinese communist party cadres, or the children of members of the Politburo. They came by their riches illegally, often under highly questionable circumstances. They amassed these ill-gotten gains at the cost of many hardworking everyday citizens.

In one case, officials blithely seized more than 63 acres of land, thus leaving 1,179 farmers without means to support themselves, according to activist Zhang Jianping’s Rights Movement blog.

The land was meant to be used to build Pingnan County Road, but 45 acres of the seized acreage was instead sold to real estate developers for a profit, the blog said. The villagers have appealed to officials at all possible levels of the communist regime since 2008, including Beijing, to get their land back, but the issue is still unresolved.

“We farmers have been regarded as second-class citizens for decades. Although we are supposed to have collective land ownership, reality is vastly different,” commented Zhang.  "Village officials and Communist Party officials are tyrants who have illegally taken our land, in complete violation of the Chinese constitution. Officials like these have seized land and ordered demolitions nationwide for real estate development."

Zhang said the real reason for social instability in the area is the officials' suppression. He drafted a letter signed by 150 villagers, to be sent to all levels of the Chinese authorities. The letter demands authorities immediately stop illegally seizing land and  return the already requisitioned land to the farmers, and settle with those that have already lost their land as soon as possible.

The letter of appeal also complained about the local regime’s suppression of those who have participated in rights protection activities; compensation and settlement for the farmers is of primary importance! “The farmers do not have much education or a registered urban residency. They have neither the skills to find work in the city, nor the opportunities urban citizens are entitled to.Their survival will become a huge social problem.”

Zhang told this reporter that if this issue remains unresolved, it will become a destabilizing social factor and bring about more rights activities.

"The law guarantees compensation for farmers, but as I said earlier, the officials are tyrants. The land is normally collectively owned, but in reality is in the hands of officials who have taken all compensation and squandered it for their personal use.”

A woman in Wulumeqi, Xinjiang region is beaten by thugs sent be government officials for trying to stop destruction of her home. (screenshot)

Forced evictions in Shanghai. (screenshot)



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