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New Slogans of Communist Army

The slogan in red banner says: Every minute prepared to fight in the front of war. (screenshot).

Recently a set of slogans have been fixed in the Chinese army camp and onto war machines.

Slogan in red banner: Firm (our) belief that we definitely will win the war. (screenshot)

Slogan in red banner: Discard your dream; Be ready for war. (screenshot)

Slogan in red banner: With a body of hot blood ready for war. (screenshot)


Media Cant: China To Relocate 15,000 From Lead-Poisoned Area PDF Print E-mail
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Yu Zou   

Central China officials plan to move 15,000 residents away from smelting plants in Henan Province where 1,000 children tested positive for lead poisoning. Since these are figures the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has released, the actual numbers of affected children is probably much higher, also taking into account that there must be scores who have not yet been tested.

According to the CCP mouthpiece, Xinhua News Agency, Jiyuan city mayor Zhao Suping said the mass relocation would cost one billion yuan (146 million dollars). Where does this money come from? Did the recent show and tell in Tiananmen Square boasting of China's military might, generate millions in income? Or will other citizens have to foot the bill, by having their salaries and compensations withheld? Or, will the CCP order home-office counterfeiters in Guandong and other provinces to crank out as much fake currency as possible?

Zhao said 70 percent of the cost would be borne by the local government and the smelters responsible for the lead poisoning, local residents would foot the rest of the bill. How would that be possible, unless they go on a year-long fast and never see their rice bowls full again. And why should local residents be held responsible for something that CCP-aligned profit mongers have caused?

And what about compensating the millions who were displaced by the Three Gorges Dam construction project? They are still waiting, after all these years, to see even one yuan of the long-ago promised compensation for being compelled to lose everything "for the good of the Party," which the dam project is and nothing else - capping someone's political career!

Jiyuan health officials released figures that 968 children had excessive levels of lead in their blood after tests on more than 2,700 kids under the age of 14. But can these statistics be trusted? Any conscientious regime would invite independent outside resources to help test and evaluate such huge numbers of sick children and make the best possible help available, free of charge.

This scandal is merely the latest in a string of recent lead poisoning incidents around China that have exposed the dark side of the country's industrial boom of recent decades. If the official statistics admit to these numbers, we can be sure the actual numbers will far exceed what was published, particularly since excessive levels of lead are particularly hazardous to children who can experience stunted growth and even mental retardation.

And what about the adults in these areas who are reliant on contaminated ground water and poisoned aquifers? Jiyuan is the country's biggest lead-smelting centre. And where will these unfortunate, displaced people go? and what conditions do they meet once they are relocated. Will they see the same fate as the unfortunates from the Sichuan earthquake who are still waiting for decent housing after so many months; many live in leaking tents, while the money poured into China for victims of the earthquake are appropriated by communist cadres.

Reports confirmed that the Chinese officials do not yet know where to relocate affected citizens. There is no date, no plan revealed despite news on this so called ‘relocation issue’? It seems no one really knows anymore who is in charge of the country. Or do the communists in China think that the rest of world are fooled by the CCP propaganda?



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