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Strange Sign, Surprising Result

Xiamen University students recently made a survey at a cross road near the university campus, a section where a pedestrian walking bridge was built over a busy intersection.

The test was to see how people reacted towards different types of notice board. They designed 3 notice boards with different content,  displaying them in turn for few days, and in between there would be some days with no notice board at all.


The results below show how many people still crossed the road, not choosing to use the walking bridge despite the signs:


No notice board 69.78%
"Please use walking bridge" 70.02%
"It only takes 9.4 seconds more to use the walking bridge" 60.97%
"You ugly if you cross the road" 41.12%


Berlin Wall - Chinese Style PDF Print E-mail
Think Tank
Wu Fan   

On 3 November 2009, Reporters Without Borders criticized Chinese authorities for blocking the website known as Virtual Berlin Wall.  Mr Wu Fan, a commentator on current affairs on New Tang Dynasty Television, gives a more detailed account of this matter.

Mr Wu pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wished to block all sorts of information that would lead to the fall of its dictatorial rule. It tried to construct a Chinese-style cyber-equivalent of the Berlin Wall by means of Golden Shield and the Great Firewall of China.

The website Virtual Berlin Wall was set up to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The site has been blocked by the Chinese authorities since it opened on 20 October. Mr Wu believes that the Berlin Wall symbolizes the autocratic Communist tyranny and the denial of freedom and democracy.

Wu said, “The Communist Party fears the awakening of the Chinese people, and so it has to block the site. You can see that the Party is in fear of anything that would lead to its fall."

Wu pointed out that due to censorship most Chinese people do not know the history of the Berlin Wall, its story and its significance. “People who know the history are not allowed to talk about it. The Party has determined to build a larger ‘Berlin Wall’, a Chinese-style Berlin Wall to shut people up.”

Chen Xi, a democracy activist from Guizhou, believes that anyone who knows Internet technology will find ways to break the Chinese blockade.

Chen said, “We should break this ‘fundamental Berlin Wall’ that divides Chinese people from the international community, so that the oppressive behavior engaged in by the Chinese Communist Party to continuously ravage the people will be stopped.”

Since the opening of the Virtual Berlin Wall site, several thousand users from China have left messages condemning the censorship by the CCP. Many Internet users said that they considered China's Internet firewall as a Berlin Wall set between China and the outside world. They looked forward to its early collapse.



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