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" The Party Gave Us Second Lives"

A child working among adults. (screenshot)

"The communist Party gave us second lives."  ---- a saying that most Chinese would quote automatically due to the constant brainwashing since the communist takeover in China in 1949.

These workers breaking old building debris into smaller bits of 7 ~ 8 cm, as resource for calcium carbide for factories. (screenshot)

New factories emerged at high speed; so did the pollution. (screenshot)

Peasants begging the communist regime to control pollution: Chinese writing: (we) do not want pollution; we want to live. (screenshot)

Suppressed News

These are the news and messages that the main media decided that are not for you to know......

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1 King Challenges the Queen to Free the World from Lockdowns
2 Wuhan Pneumonia Cover Up - A Timeline
3 The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation?
4 The Origin of the Communist Party and its Founder
5 Finally, has Hell Been Discovered?
6 Communist Goals on Global Stage
7 The Hidden Truth of Antarctica
8 Message From Boriska, The Boy From Mars
9 Seeds Of Death


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