King Challenges the Queen to Free the World from Lockdowns Print
Suppressed News

A Canadian, Patrick King was given a fine of CA$1200 for protesting against mandatory mask wearing and lockdowns in December 2020.

Mr. King then took his case to court....

Check out this interview to find out why King challenged the Queen and won!

What is "Covid-19"?

If the authorities, governments around the world cannot not provide evidence of this virus, so what made millions of people fell sick of flu-like symptoms? Was it a chemical weapon?

If it was a chemical weapon, not a virus, what are the contents of these so called "vaccines"?

If the cover-up related to so many countries, or the whole world, was China the main organiser? or just taking part,the first stage of which was to release it inside china first?

Who or what groups of people released this chemical? and why the lockdowns?




Think -- while it is still legal!