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Hacking and Espionage Fuel China’s Growth PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Epoch Times   

For more than two years, Epoch Times has been investigating the shadowy organizations behind the Chinese regime’s cyberattacks. Through research and on-and-off-the-record interviews with experts in the defense and intelligence community, it has exposed the structure of China’s spy organizations, their involvement in human rights abuses, and how they developed a system to steal innovation from the West.

The first in the series, “Extensive Network of Secret Chinese Military Units Attack US on Daily Basis,” exposes the General Staff Department and its role in orchestrating the Chinese regime’s programs to steal intellectual property from foreign companies. It also explains why the warfighting department of the People’s Liberation Army is leading these operations.

The second, “Chinese Regime Pads Military’s Pockets Through Murder,” exposes some of the other money making schemes within the People’s Liberation Army, and how this ties to human rights abuses in China. Among the key findings is the military’s systems for “grey income,” and its involvement in forced organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience.

The third, “How Silencing China’s Dissidents Led to Stealing the West’s Secrets,” exposes the origins of the Chinese regime’s use of cyberattacks for economic gain, and how this system emerged from its efforts to spy on Chinese people living abroad. It explains how the Chinese regime’s first cyberattacks, which started in 1999, developed into their current state.

The fourth, “China Theft Incorporated:Exclusive Investigative Report: How Hacking and Espionage Fuel China’s Growth,” exposes the Chinese regime’s full system for economic theft in nearly all sectors of its society, how its systems to process stolen information started, and how this system is currently run. It also exposes for the first time the shadowy organization allegedly in charge of its military hackers.

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