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What Is Dang Zhong Yang?

A popular Chinese blogger, Han Han planned to set up his own magazine in 2010, called Solo Team, but was stopped by Chinese censors due to this cover.

According to Han Han, a communist official asked him why the cover had such a design? Han explained that as it is not allowed to reveal the private parts of the body, he covered it with a magazine logo. (solo team). The officer accused him of implying that the central body of the communist party has guns. So the magazine plan was killed off.

In China, the media use "跟随党中央 which means: "following the central body of the Party" everyday in communist propaganda reports. "The central lead body of the Party" in Chinese is "党中央" pronounced: "Dang-Zhong-Yang" in mandarin. "Dang" means party; "zhong-yang" means centre.

Also, in Chinese,  档中央 has the exact same pronunciation, 档 -- "Dang" means the centre of the trousers; or 挡 - "Dang ", same pronunciation, means covering. So it implies either the middle (or fly area) of the trousers: 档中央, or covering the middle: 挡中央 -- Dang-Zhong-Yang.




















The cover of Han Han's planned magazine, Solo Team.

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In recent years, Chinese people have seen quite a few top communist officials arrested because their “er-nai” or mistress exposed their crimes. Chinese bloggers agree that er-nai are a very strong force in China for combating corrupt officials.  Here is one case of a communist official reported by his mistress.

The former deputy director of the Chinese Development and Reform Commission of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Director of the National Energy Board, Liu Tienan was sent to trial on September 24. He was reported by his Canadian mistress, Ms. Xu. It was said that another 11 officials were sacked because of Ms. Xu’s exposure of Liu.

Liu Tienan. (screenshot)

Liu was accused of taking more than ¥35,580,000 in bribes.

According to the Caijing website, the former director of the industry Coordination Bureau of the Chinese Development and Reform Commission, Chen Bin, and the former Deputy Inspector of the Price Division, Guo Jianyin were questioned on Sep 22nd by the prosecution. Others charged were Liu's secretary, Wang Yong, the vice director of the Industrial Division of the Development and Reform Department , Xu Yongsheng, the former director of the Nuclear Division He Weiping , the director of the Energy and Renewable  Energy Division Wang Jun, the director of the Coal Division Wei Pengyuan, deputy director of the Electric Power Division Liang Bo, and former secretary Cao Changqing.

Caijing website disclosed the case to the public and claimed that Liu was caught because his relationship with his mistress turned sour.

Liu met Ms Xu when he was the Economic Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Japan from 1996 to 1999. Ms. Xu soon after, emigrated to Canada.

According to a well placed source Mr. Liu’s educational qualifications were falsified with the help of Ms. Xu.

Mr. Liu’s wife, Ms. Guo Jinghua and a businessman Ni Ritao planned to set up a company in Canada and Liu introduced them to Ms. Xu and asked Ms. Xu to help them with the set up.

Ni Ritao and Guo Jinghua set up Canandian Green Resources Limited in June 2003. Ni also owned Shanwei Investment Limited. Sources said that the president of both companies was Ms. Xu. However, it was a dodgy deal when Ni acquired a Canadian pulp mill, in which he set up a shell company to buy another company of his own, then used the overseas shell company to draw money out of China, but they did not tell this to Ms. Xu.

They asked Ms. Xu to sign all the documents; however Ni had forged all the documents such as the money used to acquire the project and the contract for the transfer.

When the business was registered in China, Xu was asked to sign the authority while Ni provided many documents but Xu realized that these documents were forged and involved billions of yuan, so she refused to sign and resigned.

It was reported that Liu Tienan tried to force Ms Xu to be involved, and that Ni made death threats to Xu.

Ms. Xu disclosed this to Caijing journalists, resulting in the arrest and charging of the conspirators.



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