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Chinese blogger commented: It is not unusual news, but only Chinese understand and are used to this type of news.

Behind the16 Year Old Kunming Mass Killer PDF Print E-mail
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On 1st March, 2014 just after 9pm at Kunming railway station, 8 young persons wearing black uniforms and holding large knives, some almost a meter long, attacked people in the railway square and also inside the ticketing area. 33 are confirmed dead, over 140 injured and some still in a critical condition.

Witnesses said the pack were merciless even towards children, and they used their knives to kill in a similar fashion to trained militants. There were 2 females among the 8 killers, the photo on the right is of one of the gang, injured when struggling with police. 3 males and 1 female were shot dead in the railway square by the police, while the other 3 males were arrested by police 2 days after the massacre.

Beijing official news media immediately condemned the killing and called it a terrorist attack, while Kunming local officials announced that it was done by Uyghurs from Xinjiang province.

The Americans did not buy this "information", and although the White House condemned the killing, it did not use the word "terrorists" or "Uyghurs".

German media also raised many questions regarding the news announced by the Chinese regime's official mouthpiece Xinhua, and most overseas Chinese media did not accept the regime's propaganda that the killings were the work of Uyghurs.

The Chairman of the Muslim Association of China, Ma Changqing, (in photo, screenshot) did not stand up or lower his head while all other members at the Communist Party Congress stood to observe a minute's silence for the victims of the Kunming killings. Ma's gesture was seen as a protest that Xinjiang Uyghurs had been smeared by the communist regime.

The largest independent Chinese media, Dajiyuan received information from a high military officer that he had received a warning about 2 hours before the Kunming killings happened, "Do not go out or walk in the street, because there will be  mass killings in the street soon." This officer was not in Kunming when he received the warning.

Dajiyuan was told by a Beijing official that the Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong factions planned mass killings in the streets in 5 cities in China, carried out by soldiers from the special military controlled by Zeng Qinghong, to cause maximum confusion,chaos and media exposure whilst other coups could be attempted within the communist leadership.

The young soldiers all originally came from remote country villages, and were offered large sums of money and promotions after the operations and were told that they would be helped to escape afterwards.

The plan was to "sacrifice" the 16 year old girl who has a Xinjiang appearance, to make the "news" real.

According to witnesses at the railway square, the police arrived quickly but did not shoot at the killers until bystanders called out "Shoot them! shoot them!" Then the police started to shoot hesitantly.

The official said that the situation was still "murky", but he understood that the soldiers in other cities refused to carry out the other killings when they saw that the Kunming killers were being shot.

It seems that as long as they are not in jail, the Jiang Zemin faction that includes Bo Xilai, Zhou Yongkang, Zeng Qinghong and Cheng Guangbiao (the fake communist billionaire), and those who committed crimes for the faction in the past, will not cease plotting coups against the current leadership in an effort to escape punishment for their crimes. But how much time do they have left?

Link to some original Chinese reports of this Kunming killings from Dajiyuan



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