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Strange Sign, Surprising Result

Xiamen University students recently made a survey at a cross road near the university campus, a section where a pedestrian walking bridge was built over a busy intersection.

The test was to see how people reacted towards different types of notice board. They designed 3 notice boards with different content,  displaying them in turn for few days, and in between there would be some days with no notice board at all.


The results below show how many people still crossed the road, not choosing to use the walking bridge despite the signs:


No notice board 69.78%
"Please use walking bridge" 70.02%
"It only takes 9.4 seconds more to use the walking bridge" 60.97%
"You ugly if you cross the road" 41.12%


Zhou Yongkang Is Toppled PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

Another senior leader of the Communist Party of China, Zhou Yongkang, the 9th ranked member of the powerful Politburo Standing Committee, and the head of the Central Political and Legislative Committee, has followed Bo Xilai in being toppled from his post, according to Renmingbao.

During the annual meetings of the NPC and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, he gave Bo's Chongqing Model—the political campaign that involved arresting those said to be gangsters and having the people sing Maoist-era songs, his approval.

On the 19th March, it was still being reported that Zhou Yongkang was to chair the Central Political and Legislative Committee meeting on the 22nd March.

On 20th March, the communist regime's mouthpiece, Xinhua news reported that Beijing had called national party leaders to gather in Beijing for 'training' on the 26th March.  Xinhua said that “training includes special counselling, teaching, exchange of experience and the combination of feature films, group seminars, focused around the situation and tasks of political and legal work, enhancing and innovation of social management, duties and competence of the local Party Committee, Secretary of the Commission, such as teaching. "

Reports also said: “that large-scale training for local party leaders will start from the end of April. At that time, there will be more than 3,300 participants, including provincial, city and county-level local Party Committee, Secretary of the Commission to attend the training.”  There was no mention of Zhou Yongkang in the news.

Chinese bloggers who are used to reading between the lines of communist propaganda, say the “person in charge” of training should be Zhou Yongkang, if he had not been toppled. The "arrest" therefore must have happened on 19th March.

To confirm the guessing game of Chinese media and bloggers, Xinhua released further reports on the activities of senior leaders: Wen Jiabao, Xi Jinping, …. … but Zhou Yongkang is not included.

Zhou Yongkang was a notably dark figure in the communist regime in China. The locals of Sichuan province, where Zhou used to be provincial party leader, claim that Zhou used to rape girls in Sichuan, and that before he married the niece of Wang Yieping (Jiang Zemin's wife), Zhou's wife at that time was killed in a mysterious car accident, which many locals claimed Zhou had arranged, so he could marry former leader, Jiang Zemin's relative.

Zhou and Bo Xilai were part of Jiang Zemin's faction and were instrumental in the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

In thousands of local rebellions against the corrupt rule of the communist regime, Zhou ordered brutal force to be used against powerless civilians. Zhou was one of the main organisers overseeing the process of the 'multimillion dollar profits' of the horrifying 'organ harvesting' from Falun Gong practitioners.



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