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The Chinese communist regime has spent millions to build a tomb for

Hua Guofeng, son of Mao Zedong. (screenshot)


A school in today's People's Republic of China. (screenshot)

School in Shanxi province, in modern China. (screenshot)

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China Uncensored   

Confucius emphasized that a person needs to uphold five characteristics or moral standards: “仁、义、礼、智、信” = “Ren–Yi-Li-Zhi-Xin”: Kindness and generosity, loyalty and justness, politeness and respectfulness, possess wisdom and learning, trust and honesty. These are the core principles of Confucianism, and was a house-hold teaching in China for generations, but it has never been allowed to be taught, or even mentioned in Chinese schools or public media since the Chinese communists took power in China in 1949.

Story One:

Honesty and faith saved Gao Rong’s life

Gao Rong was a high official during the South-North dynasty around 420-589AD, who helped Cui Hao, another high official write the Yearbook: “The State Events”. (Note: Every Dynasty in Ancient China, would assign high officials or historians to record major events in the country. Sometimes, the author’s opinion of the events may contradict the ruler’s interpretations, and that would invite the death penalty and also the death of relatives).

Cui Hao and his relatives were executed because of this book, and Gao Rong was facing the same fate.

The prince wanted to to save Gao Rong, He took Gao to meet his father, the King. The Prince said: “Gao Rong is always very careful, besides his status level is very low;“The State Events”was edited under the guidance of Cui Hao, please offer a pardon to Gao Rong.”

The King asked Gao: "Is "The State Events” the work of Cui Hao?” Gao replied: “ In the book, “Tai-zhu-Ji was written by former court writer Mr Lang; “Former emperor and present events, was written by both Cui Hao and myself, but Cui Hao was busy with many other projects, so he only looked after the Yearbook in general, so I wrote more than Cui Hao.”

The King was very upset: “Gao Rong is more guilty then Cui Hao, how could he be allowed to live!”

The Prince was very anxious: “Your Highness is so great and powerful, Gao Rong is such a small person, he is just numb because of anxiety - what he said is nonsense. I did ask him, he said that it was all written by Cui Hao.”

The King asked Gao: “Were things as the Prince said?”

Gao replied: “If I had committed law-breaking, I would be subject to death and the execution of my relatives - I would not dare to lie to Your Highness. I myself had helped the Prince to study Confucius scripts for a long time, the Prince feels sorry for me, and tries to save my life. In fact, the Prince had not asked me, and I had not said such a thing. I do not dare to lie to you.”

The King then said to the Prince: “What a frank and honest man! This is a realm that human emotions cannot reach. Gao can be like this, honest in the face of death, this is “Xin”. As an official, he does not lie to his King, this is loyalty. He should be pardoned and be given honor.”  So Gao was pardoned.

Story two:

Govern the country with integrity and win respect from his country

Zi Gong (a disciple of Confucius) once asked Confucius the way to govern the country. Confucius replied:”The governor who has abundant food,  enough weapons, and the trust and respect of his people can run his country properly.”
Zi Gong then asked : "If he had to do without one of these things, which one do you think that he could get away with?”
Confucius answered : "The weapon part."

Zi Gong asked again : "then if he has to do away with another one?”
Confucius said : "The food. Because everyone has to die, so without food one would starve to death, however, if a country and government are not trusted by their people, the country would perish."

At the beginning of the Zhenguan (627-629AD) period, Tang Emperor Li Shimin received a request to clear (get rid of) treacherous officials of the court.  Emperor Li Shimin took this very seriously, so he met the person who made the request and asked for more advice. The person who made the request said: "I have a good idea, if you would please try, it would expose the treacherous officials. That is, if you intentionally insist a wrong idea while discussing national affairs with the ministers, and even got angry, then, those who refuse to accept your idea, and dare to speak their opinion are good officials; and all those who would agree with you merely because of your Majesty’s authority, those are treacherous officials.”

Upon hearing these, Emperor Li Shimin said: "The key for running water to keep clean is the source of the stream, and the monarchy is the source of orders of the government. A muddy source cannot provide clean running water; if the emperor himself play tricks and is cunning, how can his subjects keep their integrity and honesty? We all know that Wei Emperor Caocao was extraordinarily sharp and always played tricks with his subjects. If I behave in the same way as he did, how can I teach others to be good and correct other’s wrongdoing? What I’m going to do is use integrity to govern the country and treat people with trust, so I would never play tricks. Even though your plot is a smart one, it is useless to me, I would never do such a thing."

The person was very ashamed for what he had said and quickly left the palace.



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