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Chinese premier Li Keqiang visited Australia on March 23th 2017. During his 4 day visit, one of his most important aims was to encourage Australia to ratify the "China-Australia extradition treaty".


On 26th March, news media reported that Prof. Feng Chongyi was being "prevented from leaving China", and he was 'under house arrest' and interrogated for more than a week.


This news was widely disseminated in Australia and caused a storm of criticism of China and its lack of observance of the"rule of law." On 28th March, the Australian Prime Minister cancelled a vote in parliament to ratify the treaty, because of strong opposition from all sides, even the, often pro communist, members.


As a professor at the University of Technology in Sydney (UTS), Professor Feng Chongyi is reportedly the only academic in Australia (maybe in all English speaking countries?) who enjoys the privilege of teaching his students in the Chinese language, and is able to award PHD's based on his recommendations.


UTS enjoys very close ties to all levels of Chinese government and business, with billionaire, Chau Chak Wing, who is a very close friend of the former Chinese communist leader, Jiang Zemin, donating $20 million to UTS to build a new  university wing.

Sabotaged opportunity?

Why would present Chinese leaders want to ruin the opportunity to have the treaty ratified which is so important to the present "anti-corruption" war and would enable China to extradite Zeng Wei, for example, son of one of the most powerful officials in China?


Prof. Feng is quite an 'asset' to China as he has contributed many scholars to Australia who are 'expert' on the subject of "China-Australia" relations, and some have become 'advisors' to Australian government and business. The UTS website used to have a page for Prof. Feng in Chinese, and Dr. Feng happily told many of his friends that there are lots of Chinese officials among his students. That was even during the revelations of the horrific "organ harvesting" crimes of the Communist regime were disclosed by a Chinese doctor, who participated in the killing, and escaped from China, and before Xi Jingping took power.


Many exiled Chinese scholars would be extremely envious that Prof. Feng has kept his Chinese passport for so many years, and has been able to visit China many times, especially as he has been labelled as a person who criticizes the Chinese regime. He has certainly been smart enough to keep his criticism "lukewarm enough" to prevent any real danger when he visits China. He also stated to Australian media on his return, that he would continue visiting China even though he was detained.


Many Chinese scholars at overseas universities criticize China's communist regime, and most would never dare go back to China, even for a short, secret visit, even those who support the present leader Xi Jinping.


After 4 years of Xi's "war against communist corrupt officials", Xi Jinping and his team have still not been able to totally take control of the country and the party. There are conflicting media reports in different Chinese official media constantly, that misinterpret Xi Jinping's speeches and policies, which rarely happened in other administrations before XI's.


Serious incidents keep happening that have caused disruption to many of Xi Jinping's plans. At the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi brought his own water bottle, which he carries with him everywhere he goes, apparently to avoid being poisoned!


Yes, this is the reality of communist China now - Xi and his team know that their lives are in constant danger from within their own party, a situation that most western political leaders could not imagine. Xi's war is not just against corrupt officials, it is a war against an evil entity, ---the communist party. The size of this entity is Biblical in scale: the 80 million communist party members and worst thugs in society combined.


On Australian ABC TV news, Feng's daughter said her father went to China for a private matter, but other media reported that the professor was there for a research project. Professor Feng said he did not know why he was detained.


So who detained Prof. Feng and why?

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