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Charity Begins at Home?

(screenshot from website of Chinese Embassy.)

Chinese bloggers are collecting Chinese school bus photos hoping to pass on these photos to the Macedonian Government and their students, to let them see the buses that they have to travel in.

Collected scene of Chinese school buses in this clip:

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The Vatican, supposedly the place which upholds the true spirit of Jesus, has now became a symbol of enormous wealth, power and secrecy.

Hundreds of thousands of child abuse victims of the priesthood have been ignored as the Church tried to cover up its crimes. Apparently they have no connection to the priests who committed these crimes, but they have no hesitation in collecting tithes from parishioners through these priests.

One church goer said that they have to offer 10% of their weekly wage to the church, "There are always people watching you when you pass the donation glass see, the glass jar shows how much you have thrown in - that is quite intimidating."

Well, it appears that the Church can afford to pay compensation to the victims abused by priests, probably from money 'donated' by the victims own families over the years.

Institutional responses

Only a few days ago, in Australia, the ABC reported that The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse exposed nearly 2,000 Catholic Church figures, including priests, religious brothers and sisters, and employees, as alleged perpetrators. With thousands of victims across Australia alone, what is the moral culture of the priesthood under the Vatican?

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Father Thomas Doyle, an American canon lawyer told the Commission, "One of the massive holes in the Roman Catholic Church's approach to this issue today is a failure to completely comprehend the spiritual damage that is done to victims, to their families . . . and the community itself," "I have never seen anything coming out of the Holy See dealing with the spiritual damage. All I've seen is 'Get them to go back to church', which is nuts."

Father Doyle said that he first alerted Pope John Paul II to clerical sex abuse while working at the Vatican's US embassy in the 1980's, and he was subsequently sacked.

The Vatican has responded to requests to provide documents about cases involving Australian priests by saying it was “neither possible nor appropriate to provide the information requested”.

Leading Sydney psychologist and former consultant to the St John of God order, Michelle Mulvihill, told the Commission: "The amount of systemic abuse inside this organisation is massive."  "It's all about power . . . all roads lead to Rome. It's all about who's in charge. I think it's time for us, as Australians, to stand up to Rome."

In February 2016,  former head of the Catholic Church in Australia, Cardinal George Pell, was summoned to give evidence to the Commission in Australia, but was claimed "medically unfit" to travel back to Australia, his homeland.

Many people believed that Cardinal Pell used the Vatican as a refuge, and eventually the investigators travelled to Rome to interview him personally. Thousands of people donated money to victims of abuse and their families to enable them to travel to Rome and attend the hearings and to ask questions of Pell regarding the Catholic Church's lack of response to victims.

The abuse left thousands of victims with permanent scars in their hearts and left millions of people questioning the Church and their place in it, or even worse, starting to have doubts about God.

Organ trafficking summit in Vatican

Now the Vatican has invited a Chinese doctor, who was actively involved in killing innocent Chinese people to sell their organs, to attend a "Summit on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism", whilst denying investigators of these crimes against humanity to give evidence.

It appears that the Vatican is prepared to allow Dr. Huang Jiefu to 'whitewash' these crimes, in a propaganda coup for the Chinese communist regime whilst not allowing balanced views to be represented.

Huang Jiefu Admits to Organs Being Exported to Taiwan.


Maybe protecting the Chinese regime from being confronted by these genocidal crimes is a step not too far away from protecting child sexual abusers.

It makes you wonder: Do the Vatican hierarchy really believe in God?

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