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Rat Race In China?

Warning -- disturbing images  --- Do not read before meal.


Just after the news of the selling of rats meat mixed with lamb meat in China's restaurants and shops, a high school student in Zhejiang province found a rat in his breakfast, just bought from school canteen. The boy says: "I had one bite of the rice ball, and had a glimpse of the rat head in it, I did not believe it was a rat, and I had a better look.... than I had to run outside to vomit..... other classmates were vomiting as some of them had the same type of breakfast. Some male students quickly came to take photos..... (screenshot from Chinese blogs)


The Headmaster of the school told journalists that people from the local Food And Drug Administration had checked the canteen, and found dried rat bones, or half of the head of ra at in dried mushrooms.(photo below).

In Chinese cooking, normally, dry mushrooms have to be washed and soaked in water before cooking.

A blogger says: Now I understand why students should not be allowed to carry mobile phones to school... you see, once these photos up on the web.......too much trouble.....

According to the Headmaster, students who eat the same dish were sent to hospital but suffered no ill symptoms.

Global Magnitsky Act Could be Huge Weapon Against Chinese Human Rights Abusers PDF Print E-mail
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The Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, which passed the U.S. Congress in a 92-7 vote on December 8 should be a warning to human rights abusers around the world and particularly in China.

The act allows the president to deny U.S. visas and freeze U.S.-based assets of human rights abusers and corrupt foreign officials. Many Chinese who are corrupt and/or responsible for crimes against humanity, such as the organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience, especially Falun Gong practitioners, may be targeted.

Many of them have business in the U.S. and have transferred assets to the U.S. and other western countries to hide from exposure.

These people commit their crimes in China and enjoy the proceeds in America and the west. They will learn that countries that follow the rule of law will not allow this to happen anymore.


Targeted tool

The Global Magnitsky Act is a worldwide extension of the 2012 Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act, inspired by the death of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian lawyer who exposed the largest known tax fraud in Russian history. He was arrested for "tax fraud" in 2008 by the very police department and officials whom he had accused.

While in prison, he was tortured and denied access to medical care until he died in 2009. No one was ever brought to justice.

The act directs the president to single out foreign nationals about whom credible evidence exists to indicate their direct role in "extrajudicial killings, torture, or other human rights violations committed against individuals seeking to promote human rights or to expose illegal activity carried out by government officials," or government officials responsible for. or complicit in. significant acts of corruption.

These designated individuals face multiple sanctions, including the revocation of any issued visas and the banning of their entrance to the United States. Any assets held in American financial institutions or on American soil could also be frozen and future transactions prohibited.

“The Global Magnitsky Act gives the United States a powerful, targeted tool to hold accountable human rights abusers and corrupt officials,” said Daniel Calingaert, acting president of Freedom House, “For the first time, the United States will have a comprehensive law that brings some measure of accountability for these crimes and can deter future abuses."

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