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Thousands of Army Veterans Protest Living Conditions

Thousands of 14th Division People's Liberation Army (PLA) war veterans protest in front of the Department of Civil Affairs in Kunming, asking the government to fulfill its promise to improve their living conditions after retirement.

In recent years, army group protests in China have become more frequent.



More photos from Chinese blog, please click here.

Australian Politicians take their orders from the Chinese Communist Party PDF Print E-mail
Global Stage
Bob Vinnicombe   

On Tuesday 12th August an extremely importing briefing was held in the
Waratah Room NSW Parliament house relating to the killing of political
prisoners in China for the purpose of selling their organs.

Eminent speakers were Dr Sophia Bryskine of Doctors Against Forced Organ
Harvesting (DAFOH), Andrea Tokaji, lawyer from Fighting for Justice
Foundation (who knows about communism first hand as her family escaped
from Ceaucescu’s Romania in 1987) and Greens MLC David Shoebridge. Dr
Damon Noto, also from DAFOH , took part in the briefing via Skype from
the USA.

Nine coalition and Labor MPs had promised to attend however because the
Chinese Consulate contacted all MPs and threatened them that attendance
at the briefing would affect trade and business relations all nine
failed to show! Only the five Greens MPs and the MP from the Animal
Justice Party put in an appearance.

Remember these Liberal - Nationals are the same ones who sent 500
Australians to die in Vietnam fighting  communism. Now they won’t even
suffer the rebuke of their own party to hear a few speeches exposing the
atrocities  of Communism. I simply ask: what hope is there for the
security of the country when elected representatives of these so-called
major parties continjue
to be Holocaust Deniers of the Chinese Holocaust and put trade and their
own political careers ahead of standing up against gross violations of
human rights by the world’s biggest criminal
totalitarian power?

But what can you expect seeing, as Malcolm Turnbull revealed in his
speech Same Bed Different Dreams about Australia’s relations with China
made at the LSE on October 5, 2011, representatives of the Chinese
Communist Party attend by special invitation the annual conference of
the Liberal Party.

Truly, as Lenin said “When we hang  the last of the capitalists they
will be fighting each other for the privilege of selling us the rope.”

Bob Vinnicombe



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