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China's Invention: Child Sandwich?

It appears to be a lot of fun for the teacher who sits on top of layers of children: her students. (screenshot)

A parent was shocked to find this photo among other photos of children's activities in school on the QQ blog of the school parenting site.

One blogger commented: Dear Teacher, you look very happy, what about these kids?! What about their feelings?!

Growing up with communist idealogy, modern Chinese have not heard of common sense and human dignity if their parents do not teach them privately.

Real China

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

----------- George Orwell

More Virulent H7N9 in 2014? PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

A more virulent form of H7N9 bird flu in China in 2014 is probable as the virus can now be spread between humans and animals through contact.

According to the Health Department of Zhejiang province, in January 2014, there have been 46 cases confirmed as H7N9, including 12 deaths and 36 still in hospital.

When a  family of 3 all became infected, it confirmed that the virus appeared to be passed by human contact.

H7N9 virus has been spread through human to human contact in Zhejiang province since July 2013. The Mayor of Hangzhou, a...

Activist Arrest Draws International Condemnation PDF Print E-mail
Initiatives for China   
On January 15th, 2014, Chinese authorities arrested distinguished Uyghur scholar and activist Ilham Tohti without specific charges, drawing swift condemnation from the United States and European Union.
The U.S. State Department lambasted the arrest as “part of a disturbing pattern of arrests and detentions of public interest lawyers, Internet activists, journalists, religious leaders and others who...
China's Controversial Nomad Relocation PDF Print E-mail
Yeshi Dorje, VOA   

China says it has completed its massive relocation project of Tibetan nomads into new settlements in the Tibetan Autonomous Region. The controversial project has been denounced, though, by Tibetans living in exile and by Chinese environmental activists.

Since 2006, China has been moving nomads into crowded new settlements in various places, including the Tibetan Autonomous Region [TAR] and Qinghai Province.

China's official Tibet TV website...

"Baby Box" for Unwanted Children - Only in Communist China PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

Authorities in Nanjing have built a small building dubbed the "Baby Box" in which parents can anonymously abandon their unwanted children.
The "Baby Box" according to communist authorities, will provide a 'safe' place for parents to leave their children who will then be cared for at the nearby Nanjing Welfare Home.
The space will be...

Recordings Reveal Scandal Of Chinese Business Executive PDF Print E-mail

Chen ask victims of Sichuan Earthquake holding money for a photo for himChinese business executive Chen Guangbiao has come to New York. He calls himself “China's most outstanding philanthropist and moral leader.” But what a sort of person is he actually? From recorded material obtained by NTD reporters, we can see he...

10 News Events Affecting Chinese Society in 2013 PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

1. Air pollution

At the beginning of January 2013, thick clouds of dust covered large areas of north east China. Four provinces were affected at the time. including Beijing, and the heavy dust spread to 25 provinces in China along the east coast and northern region in the following months. Some days the

Social Maintenance Fee Forced Man's Suicide PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

Speculation about the whereabouts of Chinese film Director Zhang Yimou, who was accused of breaking the country’s family planning laws, by allegedly having sired 7 children, keeps on making headlines in Chinese media, but no details have emerged of any fines being levied by authorities.

In contrast, the news that a...

Bishop Ma Forced to Take Communist Political Lessons 3 Days A Week PDF Print E-mail
China Uncensored   

Many Catholics around the world have called for the release, at this time of peace and goodwill, of Auxiliary Bishop Thaddeus Ma Daqin of Shanghai who has been under house arrest for almost 18 months and is being forced to take political lessons - communist indoctrination by any other name - three times a week.

In 2012, both the Vatican and the...

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