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Pig Worships In Front of Temple

On the Fourth day of the Chinese New Year of the Sheep, a pig stole the show in front of a temple in Tatou village, Yongjia Bridge Town, Wenzhou province, clearly doing the gesture of worshiping by kneeling. Onlookers were moved by its gesture, chanting a buddhist mantra for the pig. Onlookers presumed that the pig hoped to gain a human body in the next life, so he or she could obtain the Buddhist teachings.

A video of the pig worshipping, was uploaded by a Chinese blogger the next day and attracted 7.7million viewers in the first 24 hours.

Some people tried to move the pig away, but the pig did not want to leave the temple, and kept kneeling. So monks in the temple came out and conducted a Buddhist ceremony for the pig, praying for a better after-life.

After the monks completed the ceremony for the pig, the pig left.


2 days later, the owner of the pig, Mr Huang alerted the media that it was one of his three pigs that ran away on Sunday morning, He found the three pigs later in the day, and sent them to the abbattoir that evening! He was so surprised and regretted his action after watching the TV news....but was too late. Mr Huang said that he would not have sent it to be killed if he knew what had happened in front of temple.

But some people said that the pig might be better off now as its wish maybe fulfilled.?

This leads to an old news report in China in 1923.

Will the 'Jasmine Revolution' Soon Happen in China? PDF Print E-mail
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Chinauncensored Staff   

The Beijing communist regime is extremely nervous about the rebellions in Tunisia and Egypt. It is strictly censoring every piece of news and every website that relates to them, as the regimes in those countries have something in common with Beijing: they are dictatorships.  Chinese human rights activists outside China are also paying great attention to the freedom movements in Tunisia and Egypt.

Will it also happen in China soon?

Chinese law professor Yuan Hongbing, living in exile in Australia, recently went to the United States for a lecture tour. At a press conference in San Francisco, he answered the question: Why is there still no "Jasmine Revolution" in China?:

He said there are two reasons: "the first  is the severity of the Chinese communist totalitarian dictatorship, far more extreme than that of Tunisia's dictator. They use the severest control methods possible to police and suppress dissidents.

At the same time the bureaucracy of the communist party acts like a political mafia.A case in point - we all know that China had a village leader called Qian Yunhui whose only crime was to speak some words on behalf of farmers whose land had been taken away by corrupt officials, and that for his trouble he was crushed to death under a truck.

The Chinese Communist Party is by this means saying to the Chinese people:”Rebel and this is what will happen to you". The wheel that crushed Qian Yunhui’s neck was a warning to the whole Chinese peasant class. The communists did not even try to dress up the event with fake legal excuses.

The second reason is the physical vastness of China. A lot of rebellions similar to those in Tunisia have taken place in various provinces, but because of the vastness of the country, the Chinese communists can easily mobilize military forces from other areas to repress the revolt in one isolated area and to maintain control."

Yuan added that the Chinese communist regime is the most cunning, and most brutal totalitarian dictatorship in the whole history of mankind. Rebellion by the Chinese people is therefore much more difficult.

"But it is not too far off either, as the social factors that resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the communist regimes of Eastern Europe exist now in China. It would only take one traumatic event to ignite the unrest that exists all over China.  A movement as big as the 1989 student protests will form again soon, and this time the Chinese people will not let the chance slip through their fingers as they did on June 4th 1989." said Yuan.


Background of Professor Yuan:

Yuan was born in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. He graduated from Beijing University with a master’s degree in criminal procedure in 1986 and went on to head the School of Criminal Procedural Law at Beijing University.

Following the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, he came under the notice of Chinese communist authorities for his outspoken views and was warned by the authorities. Yuan was also a human rights activist. In 1994 he was detained by the Chinese communist authorities and forced to leave Beijing, becoming one of China's most prominent public dissidents. Yuan went into exile in the remote province of Guizhou. He secretly wrote books, while at the same time earning a reputation for "good behaviour" that enabled him to became the Dean of the Law school at Guizhou Normal University.

In 2004 Yuan managed to escape from China and seek political refuge in Australia. As a law professor in Beijing and Guizhou Universities, Yuan had large networks among his former colleagues and classmates, which he maintained after gaining political protection in Australia.

In 2005, Yuan disclosed many top secrets from the Chinese communist politburo which had been passed to him through his networks.  In 2005 he stated that the Chinese communist regime has a process in place to turn Australia into one of its "political colonies".

In 2009, Yuan Hongbing publishedTaiwan Crisis (aka Taiwan Disaster): a detailed account exposing the strategies of the CCP in preparing to control Taiwan by 2012 in political, military, economic  and cultural matters and revealing the infiltration of the Kuomintang, (Chinese Nationalist Party) and all levels of Taiwanese society, by the CCP.

Furthermore, the book also reveals deals struck between America and China on issues regarding Taiwan and also discloses cooperation between the Chinese secret police and the American secret service to collect evidence on the former Taiwanese President Chen Shuibian's involvement in money laundering.


The Taiwan Crisis by Yuan Hongbing ---- is available through China Uncensored HELP DESK at AU$35 per copy within Australia (including postage). Extra postage will apply for other countries.


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