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Beijing's Weeing Wall

Beijing's answer to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem - the 'Weeing Wall.'

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The 2013 Beijing Marathon was not just the usual test of endurance. Many runners wore masks because of the heavy air pollution, and when the runners finally finished, there were very few public toilets.

Men and women urinated in public, including against the wall of Zhongnanhai, the communist leadership compound, leading many bloggers to dub it the 'Weeing Wall.'

A Simple Prevention For Flu PDF Print E-mail
Joan Riley   

The flu epidemic flu in the last few years has been a source of anxiety for many people. But Chinese medicine Doctor Hu Naiwen has provided a unique treatment, it simply came from his study of the famous ancient Chinese book, called Huang_Di_Nei_Jing, or The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine.

Dr. Hu was born in Hunan province, China,  and left for Taiwan when the communists tookover in China. Dr. Hu first studied western medicine and  biological science, but found few solutions to peoples' health problems.

Dr. Hu then studied Chinese traditional medicine and after more than 30 years as a doctor of Chinese medicine in Taiwan, he found that the most powerful remedies lay in the ancient Chinese books and spiritual teachings.

When interviewed by China Uncensored, Dr Hu said:  “I felt so sorry to see so many Chinese fell ill with SARS; with pig flu; with many other types of flu, and they have no access to proper treatment; while the ancient Chinese knowledge offers most powerful healings to them but they are not allowed to use them as it is branded as superstitious (by the communists in China). I hope my herb sacks could help them as the knowledge comes from ancient China, it belonged to Chinese people, and Chinese people should be able to use them.”

Dr. Hu also explained: “In ancient China, people kept herb sacks to smell its perfume to prevent all sorts of disease. It was a custom that children often wore such herb sacks around their necks. In Taiwan, in my childhood, our parents would offer us some herb sacks to hang on our neck. But in the modern day, people use western drugs which can have many side effects.”

A herb sack is made by combining certain ground herbs and not only prevents all types of flu, but also cures flu related symptoms. A research laboratory in Canada has conducted a test of this herb powder under water diluted status, and found the medical effectiveness to be surprisingly powerful, but they cannot conduct tests on the effectiveness of the powder through the respiratory tract of human body yet.

Though this herb sack has received many testimonials from satisfied users as to its effectiveness against flu and similar symptoms, as human technology has not able to provide a ‘scientific’ explanation, the herb sack is only promoted as serving to prevent flu.

It took western medicine 2000 years to find the effectiveness of Chinese acupuncture; will it be another 20 years before modern researchers find out that this simple herb powder can be so effective in the treatment of flu and flu symptoms?


The magic herb sacks can be purchased through: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Price: $15 per sack including postage within Australia.



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