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Learning Chinese: Harmful Gas Not Harmful?

Reporter reads news on TV. (screenshot)


Chinese blogger commented: It is not unusual news, but only Chinese understand and are used to this type of news.

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81 Chinese Bubble Set to Burst Shiyin Chen and Haslinda Amin
82 China Is not Afraid of Committing Crime Jennifer Hewett
83 Gao Zhisheng: 'Conscience of China' Hon David Kilgour
84 Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party: Common Sense of the 21st Century? Chinascope
85 A Tibetan Tragedy Hon. David Kilgour
86 Tiananmen Square Persecution Continues to This Day John Kusumi
87 China's Human Rights Challenges Hon. David Kilgour
88 China's Constitution or Communist Con? Maia Pagan
89 China's Stimulus Package Lacks Transparency China Uncensored Staff
90 In Dealing With Beijing, Overambition Tends To Backfire China Uncensored Staff
91 Don't Be Fooled. China Hasn't Changed China Uncensored Staff
92 Here the Wheels of China's Corruption Grind Exceedingly Fine China Uncensored Staff
93 Nobel Prize Nominee Or Traitor? Rena Gregory
94 Escaped to Freedom, But High Price Paid Zeng Jie-ming
95 Food Situation Much Worse Than Just Poisoned Milk Zhang Yijie
96 Taiwan Disaster Wang Xi
97 A Letter To Hu Jintao From A Chinese Student In The U.S. Wang Xi
98 The CCP Is The Enemy of Justice Bob Vinnicombe
99 Lead Poison Highlight China's Environmental Dilemma Marina Haynes
100 Xinjiang Riots or Premeditated Massacre? Wang Xi
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