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Dragon Caught on Film?

At 0:02, in the sky, top right area, a snake like object flying to the left. Clip repeats at 0:52, and 0:57.

A film crew was filming beside a lake, when the sunny weather changed suddenly and a dragon? was caught on camera moving from right to left across the sky.

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61 Han Han's Speech at Xiamen University China Uncensored Staff
62 A Smart Choice By East Timor Zhang Hong
63 The Price Of Bargaining -- A Lesson for Ifeng TV China Uncensored Staff
64 Rudd and China: Diplomacy Or Fear? Dan Ryan
65 'Limp Pigs and the Five-Ring-Circus' China Uncensored Staff
66 China's Econamic Dominance Based On Licence To Pollute posted by Chinainformation
67 Lawrence Solomon: China’s Coming Fall Lawrence Solomon
68 Is Liu Xiaobo the Real Deal? Shan Ying
69 German: We'll Never Catch Up With China! China Uncensored Staff
70 A Bad Omen on China's 'National Day' Xu Ling/Renminbao
71 English National Ballet Kowtows to Chinese Regime on UK National Day Shanying Gregory
72 Behind Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize Jiang Pin/Renminbao
73 Li Lu Recaptures Imaginations on Wall Street By John Kusumi
74 Buddhism and Science Shan Ying
75 Tears, Please Don't Fall Xi Lan De
76 New York Commemorates Anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre By John Kusumi
77 20 Days Without the Communist Party In Beijing Chen Gang
78 Why Factories Are Leaving China Dexter Roberts/Bloomberg
79 CCP Running Scared of Historic Genocide Case Geoff Allen
80 Soft Power, Hard Labour Frank Moorhouse
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