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Australian politician, Malcolm Turnbull,  is off the rails with his remarks about Communist China made in a recent talk given at the London School of Economics, He is reported by the Sydney Morning Herald as describing war criminal Mao Zedong (former Chinese communist leader) favourably as a revolutionary leader who caused the Chinese people to "stand up".  

Mao was a mass murderer with the blood of 100 million Chinese on his hands. It was actually people like Mr. Turnbull himself, the rich, the landowners and  the capitalists who were the first to be exterminated when the CCP took over the country.

Now the present Beijing dictatorship that Malcolm praises so highly kills political prisoners to get their organs to sell for transplants and drags women to clinics to be forcibly aborted if they contravene the one child policy.They have invaded the peaceful land of Tibet and committed genocide against its people, destroyed their traditions, religion, language and culture and commandeered  Tibet's natural resources for China's own use. They backed the genocidal regime of the Khmer Rouge.

The Beijing regime is bristling with weapons of mass destruction and has nuclear missiles pointed at the democratic and civilised Republic of China (Taiwan).  It suppresses the Uyghur people of East Turkestan and denies them self determination.  

Far from being the environmentally responsible powerhouse as Mr. Turnbull claimed, China is a country riddled with corruption that produces milk contaminated with melamine, textiles contaminated with formaldehyde and seafood contaminated with several hundred times the safe level of heavy metals. People in China are afraid to eat, drink or breathe for fear of what they may ingesting.

Of course, Malcom Turnbull is not the first Australian Liberal luminary to whitewash the Chinese Communist Party. In a condolence motion in Federal Parliament after the death of Mao on 14th September 1976, Malcolm Fraser said Mao "gave China an effective administration, restored a country ravaged by civil war and secured the basic necessities of life for the Chinese people". Deputy Prime Minister, Doug Anthony said of Mao "His achievement was remarkable" and talked about "paying respect to his memory".

Makes you wonder why the Liberals sent 500 Australians to die in Vietnam to "contain China" doesn't it?



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