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CCTV News, You Better Believe It!

The communist mouthpiece, TV station CCTV, is called by Chinese 'the true dog of the communist regime'.

When Chinese are angry at some one lying, they will say: "You are just like CCTV!"

You may understand why from this screenshot from CCTV on 22nd Dec, 2010:

The Chinese characters in the TV screen: People welcome the rise in petrol prices.

The yellow character line is the title of the news item: 'All people in the country are very happy to welcome the rise in petrol prices.'

If you have doubts, here are the smiling faces of "All Chinese people" in the screenshot below.

Blood, Tragedy and Iron Fist PDF Print E-mail
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Shan Ying   

It is a basic instinct for people to try to avoid tragedies, but while earthquakes, tornadoes,and tsunamis have frequently caused huge loss of life in recent years, the ongoing slaughter in communist China continues unabated with the help of Yahoo, Cisco and media such as that of Rupert Murdoch assisting the iron fist of communist rule.

"Iron fist"? Yes, you have probably just witnessed that Wendy Deng who grew up in China, did not shy away from protecting her husband Rupert Murdoch, but they both seem to have forgotten that because of their compliance with the Chinese regime's internet censorship and control, there are many people being abruptly denied their basic human rights, being illegally punished openly or secretly, everyday, because of the censorship and suppression of freedom of expression and knowingly broadcasting communist propaganda.

Wendy Deng did not offer her fist, when Rupert Murdoch was dismissed and ignored by the communist regime during his business 'sting' in China; Wendy Deng does not blink when her husband helps the communist regime to take tighter control of Chinese people, and to lower the status of Chinese citizens in China.

Ironically, a man who is one of the most influential business people in the world and has helped communist regime to persecute innocent Chinese people, was himself having to defend himself in London.

It appears Mr. Murdoch was feeling intimidated during the questioning by a British parliamentary committee -did he or Wendy Deng imagine what hundreds of thousands of innocent Chinese feel when they are wrongly punished?

Some photos and video as a reminder:

6.4 1989 Tiananmen Massacra


Ai Weiwei - Still under survelance

Photo from Ai Weiwe website)

Lawyer Gao Zisheng --Still missing

(The Epoch Times)





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