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Taiwan Grand State Strategies (Chinese version) written by well known law professor and author, Yuan Hongbing was published in September 2010. This is the second book of the series about the struggle between China and Taiwan.

The first book, The Taiwan Crisis* (aka Taiwan Disaster --English copy is available through chinauncensored ) was published in Nov 2009, and sold tens of thousands of copies within the first 3 months after release. Japanese and English versions have also been published. It has made a further splash on both sides of the Strait, even in America and Japan.

The book explains that in the early 1990's CCP (Chinese Communist Party) high-level officials and the military had already secretly agreed on a strategic concept, ” the rise of China conflicts with the strategic interests of America.” A top-secret document issued in the summer of 2007, The Historic Status and Mission of the Chinese Communist Party in the 21st Century only to the top level of the Central Committee of the CCP, outlines the plan to turn the 21st century into “China’s century led by the CCP; to achieve the resurgence of the communist movement all over the world with the CCP as its centre; China will take over from America, and become the spokesman of the era and the creator of new rules for the world."

The book also disclosed that, the ideology of “unrestricted warfare” developed by the CCP military after a long period of research is highly appreciated by Hu Jintao. One form of “unrestricted warfare”, is a war by non-military means, which is omni-directional in all fields such as economy, culture, diplomacy, society, media, psychology, and the internet. The ultimate goal is to achieve global expansion.

Some strategies are already in place, and some are shaping up, according to Professor Yuan: ‘The CCP mission’ is the declaration of war on democracy in the world. The so called “peaceful rise” by Hu Jintao, is a mobilization order of the 3rd world war, by the means of “unrestricted warfare”.

The book also contains information about the ‘nuclear threat theory’ purposely aired by CCP Major-General Zhu Chenghu (information linked).

The book indicates that while the Taiwanese government led by President Ma Yingjiu constantly propagates a “win-win strategy” and promises “Taiwan is further and further from war,” the CCP has already infiltrated Taiwan's economy, culture, religion and society.

It reveals the CCP’s conspiracy of trying to fully control Taiwan’s economy with the ECFA, and the CCP’s well-considered plan to fully control Taiwan’s presidential election in 2012. With personal financial gain at stake inside China, the privileged class in the Kuomintang (KMT) has already betrayed Taiwan’s freedom and sovereignty, they have become the ally of the CCP’s ““unrestricted warfare”.

With first-hand information from within the CCP, the author also discloses the vivid internal power struggles of the CCP, and researches through ‘close contact’ the personalities and psychology of the CCP’s most senior officials. This book could well be an indispensable reference for all who study China issues.

Professor Yuan says it is wrong to say that ‘cultural conflict between Chinese and the west will be the focus of the 21st century’ as Professor Samuel P Huntington suggested in Clash of Civilizations; the conflict in the new century is the contradiction of the western culture itself, which is the conflict between the philosophy of freedom, democracy, human rights, and rule of law originating from ancient Greece, and the western totalitarian cultural tradition. “The Chinese communist Party’s tyranny” is typically the modern revival of the western totalitarian cultural tradition.

Professor Yuan also comments on the spiritual crisis currently faced by democratic countries.

The Chinese version of the book can be purchased online

An English version will be published later this year.


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