Why the CCP Wants To Takeover Taiwan Print
Think Tank
Professor Yuan Hongbing   

Why must the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) resolve the Taiwan issue?

The Chinese communists have been eying Taiwan ever more urgently recently.  Why?  That it is because Taiwan's freedom and democracy have served as a political role model role in the minds of 1.5 billion people in mainland China.  It is the biggest political threat to the tyrannical communist regime. If the communist party control Taiwan, these 1.5 billion people will always be political slaves, and will no longer want to be free men.

On the surface, the Chinese community party says the reunification with Taiwan is to maintain territorial integrity; while in fact the CCP itself is a traitorous group. In recent years China and Russia signed a border treaty in secret.  In the treaty China abandoned a million square kilometers of land. The CCP's idea of "unity" is a pseudo-concept. It is intended only to entice its scourge, Taiwan.

The essence of the relationship of the countries is a struggle between freedom and tyranny, a struggle between democracy and authoritarianism.  To contend with the CCP’s imposition of this great catastrophe on Taiwan, Taiwanese have to be alert to the danger. 

How will the communist party eliminate Taiwan then? The CCP will achieve political integration through economic integration.  The so-called "two policies in one country" is always a hoax. Taiwan should learn the lesson and not become a vassal of the mainland economy. The "Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA)" and "Financial Management Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)" set an economic yoke on the neck of Taiwan. Once it is bound, what will Taiwan use to defend its political freedom?

Look back at mainland China.  The rapid boom in its economy in recent years covers up the huge cost of internal contradictions. How long can such a situation last? Many Western countries are still observing.  On the other side, the CCP has never “ceased fire” on the diplomatic front, in full strength it exchanges with America and Japan on core interests.  Under such temptation for America and Japan, how can Taiwan’s interests be guaranteed?

China's economy has never been free market, but is the economy of the powerful and the elite. Society has been polarized.  Lacking in basic values of social justice has generated authoritarian draconian laws. This will only allow the communists’ authoritarian rule to be more extreme.  It is unlikely to lead to a free and democratic society.

It is quite certain that from 2012 to 2015 an upheaval will occur in the Communist Party.  It is because China's social contradictions have currently reached the critical point.  Before this happens, Taiwan must fight for its existence as a democracy.