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Thousands of Army Veterans Protest Living Conditions

Thousands of 14th Division People's Liberation Army (PLA) war veterans protest in front of the Department of Civil Affairs in Kunming, asking the government to fulfill its promise to improve their living conditions after retirement.

In recent years, army group protests in China have become more frequent.



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A Smart Choice By East Timor PDF Print E-mail
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Zhang Hong   

Timor has rejected a Chinese spy base offer.

China recently tried to establish a spy base in East Timor, according to leaked US diplomatic cables obtained by The Sydney Morning Herald.

The Chinese communist regime approached East Timor in December 2007 about building the surveillance facility, on the country's north coast. The communist regime said it would help East Timor in its fight against illegal fishing.

Although it sounded like a welcoming gesture to help to crack down on illegal fishing in East Timorese waters, Mr Jose Luis Guterres, East Timor's deputy prime minister was suspicious of the Chinese offer to build and operate the radar facility free of charge.

"The only catch was that the facilities were manned by Chinese technicians," Guterres reportedly told the US embassy, expressing "concerns that the radar could be used for purposes other than those touted by the Chinese".

According to the leak, US diplomats in Dili reported that President Jose Ramos-Horta, Mr Guterres, and the Secretary of State for Defense, Julio Pinto, had "repeatedly and explicitly" affirmed that "Timor-Leste's strong preference is to co-operate with its democratic partners - Australia, Portugal, the US, and Japan - on defense and security matters''.

It seems that the East Timor leaders are much smarter than the former Defense Minister of Australia, Joel Fitzgibbon, who had been accepting money from a Chinese spy. But even worse was that after his special "relationship" with Chinese spy Helen Liu was exposed, the Minister, tried to persecute the employees who disclosed the matter.

Obviously, Mr. Fizgibbon appreciated how the Chinese regime operates: "who ever is in the leader's position should have the ultimate power to control his subordinates".

Although many Australians understand that such behaviour by the Defense Minister may put Australia's security at risk, some Australian politicians are apparently confused as to whether to put their "party's interest" ahead of the safety of Australia.





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