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Ms Jiang Lingjin, an actress in a film glorifying the People's Liberation Army, is scared of horses. The close up scene was shot as follows. Photo posted by Chinese blogger in June 2011. (screenshot)

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On 31st, March, 2011, Hong Kong Ifeng TV held its 15 year anniversary celebration party at Beijing People's Hall. Guests were invited from around the world, but news spread widely on internet blogs that it turned out to be a disaster with many people suffering food poisoning after the meal. People were vomiting and rushing to toilets in agony.


Ifeng did not report this news on either their TV programs or website, but the acting chair of Ifeng Chinese TV, Liu Chun revealed on his blog: "just heard very chilling and sad news. About this event in the People's Hall, it was planned to have a simple dinner, and it was 3000 yuan (approx $460US) per person, but after bargaining very hard, we agreed to 1000 yuan (approx $153US) per person. But after every one had eaten, they were all vomiting, some even had to be taken to hospital" Liu felt he was lucky to have missed the dinner.

The bloggers are heated up:

"Why should you bargain price with People's Hall?!  the result is serious!


“Dear me, I could not help but burst out laughing. Our peasants only spent 10 yuan for a dinner that fed me, but you spent 1000 yuan to get all these extras?!"


"Well, 3000 yuan you can eat Ifeng meat; 1000 yuan you get Ifeng wee."


Some of the invitees to the event included the former governer of Hong Kong, Dong Jianhua; former mistress of Jiang Zemin, Song Zhuying; Chen Long; and most importantly, 'Master Hsing Yun' who brought blessings to the feast.


Ifeng TV background:

Ifeng TV was established in Hong Kong in 1996, and in 2001 established a branch in the US.


Ifeng has close connections with the Chinese military and security departments. The present CEO, Liu Changle was a military journalist, Liu also has a Chinese military senior officer title. Liu was sent overseas in 1989 when many young people escaped China after the June 4 massacre.


In 2005, brothers Chi Mak and Taiwang Mak were arrested in the US for spying for China. Taiwang Mak was one of the founders of Ifeng TV.


Some Chinese media have claimed that Ifeng TV is a station for the Chinese regime to train spies, under the guise of being journalists, photographers, and managers, etc.


The present CEO told media that his wealth came from his previous business dealings in the oil trade. but before 1989, and even now, the Chinese regime is the only entity that can trade oil.




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