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A Thousand Snakes Sunbathe on Road

On 8th Oct, over a thousand snakes were seen crawling on the road in Liuhe county, Jinlin province - over 700 died when run over by passing cars.

A man trys to move an injured snake to the side of the road. (Screenshot)

According to a local road inspector, every year around this time, dozens of snakes come from the bush beside the road to sun-bath, but this year the number of snakes is greater than ever before.

Rudd and China: Diplomacy Or Fear? PDF Print E-mail
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Dan Ryan   

by Dan Ryan

May 5, 2010

Australians are routinely urged to understand China better. What understanding China means is being able to form an informed view about its history, its current policies, and its future direction. Understanding does not mean sympathetic agreement nor is it simply about amassing facts and learning the language – true understanding ultimately depends on the quality of one’s judgment.

The failure to provide judgment is the central problem with Rudd’s recent speech entitled “Australia and China in the World”. At its heart it calls for: “A New Sinology capable of opening up new ways of understanding this great and ancient civilization, and what it might offer again in the future”. But the speech then studiously – frustratingly even for those genuinely interested in his views - avoids stating clearly where he stands on the larger questions.


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