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When An Elderly Man Falls In China

On 26th Nov. 2013, an elderly man fell while crossing the street in Jinghua, China.

A few passersby stopped their bikes and formed a circle to prevent other riders hitting the man. The man tried to stand up by himself, but failed. People stood around looking at each other, but no one dared to help the old man stand up. They called police and ambulance, and after examination. it was found that the elderly man had no serious injuries.

Some Chinese are loath to give assistance because of incidents like the one below:

Earlier this month, two high school students helped an elderly man up from his fallen bicycle, but the man accused the two students of knocking him down and demanded they pay for his medical expenses. The parents of the students paid 1200 yuan ($200). These two students then posted an online request for witnesses. A shop owner and some customers who saw the fall went to the police to give evidence. The old man had to return the money to the two students.

'Limp Pigs and the Five-Ring-Circus' PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

Many in the West have been fooled by the glitzy city makeovers, the dazzling GDP growth figures and the promise of fortunes to be made tapping into the Chinese market, into believing that China is changing socially for the better, not just economically.

If the Beijing Olympics convinced you China is changing...think on this.  If it was, would China's media police have tried to airbrush from existence every less-than complimentary reference to the Olympic facilities? If it was, would the government have introduced transparency legislation then ban the press from writing about it? If it was, would China have asked the author, Mark Newham, to help turn its propaganda machine into a respected news agency then ignore all transformation advice?

Seven years of broken promises and mental torture at the hands of the masters of the machine left Mark Newham seeking psychiatric help. Eventually he fled, convinced the system is in need of similar treatment.

In his book, Limp Pigs and the Five-Ring-Circus, Mark noted: "The China I discovered during a mind-expanding seven-year voyage to its very core is the nation-state equivalent of a zebra. If change is occurring, it's a case of a black horse with white stripes grudgingly transforming itself into the exact opposite."

To those taken in by the great Changing China deception, Mark says: "Don't believe everything you read about China. Change in the People's Republic is the equivalent of turning your underpants inside out. It might look like they've been changed but they're still the same pair of underpants."

Extensive, first hand, inside knowledge of the regime's media system convinced Newham that the West's perception of a China in transition, is a clear-cut case of hope triumphing over experience.

"You pair o'limp pigs?' is an Olympic security guard's attempt to pronounce 'Paralympics'. This is a brutally honest and enjoyable book, written with a great sense of humor, however, it is a sad commentary on the totalitarian communist regime as it still is today - the Chinese people still have their news censored and their freedom of speech curtailed, as the regime does whatever is necessary to maintain its power.

Mark Newham, a British journalist and writer, worked with the Financial Times, and also provided articles for the Observer, the Economist, New Scientist, Compass News Features, BBC and various specialist international publications. He ran journalism training courses for the United Nations and the World Bank in various African countries.

Newham worked in Beijing during 2003-2005, employed by the Xinhua News Agency (the communist regime mouthpiece), returning in 2008 to write for the Olympic News Service of the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee.







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