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Shan Ying   

There is a saying among Chinese people in the last few decades: "There are things that are beyond your imagination, but there is no evil that the communist regime has not done."

Many Chinese realize that it is long overdue for the Nobel Prize to be awarded to a Chinese, as the bravery, sacrifice and struggle of many Chinese dissidents is simply outstanding, but there is complexity behind Liu Xiaobo and the Nobel Prize.

As a well known Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo's name spread far and wide, especially after Liu was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment and two years deprivation of political rights on Christmas Eve 2009, for "inciting subversion of state power".

Liu was chairman of the Independent Chinese Pen Center (ICPC) between 2003 ~ 2007, and it was reported by Chinese media that Liu was the co-author of Charter 08, which was understood by international society as a call for democracy in China.

Though there are many Chinese human rights activists inside China who have made similar efforts and have sacrificed or have suffered much harsher torture than Liu Xiaobo, even the lesser suffering such as Liu had to endure is far more than enough for the United Nations and the global community to take steps to ensure the Chinese regime stops its human rights abuse.

Surprisingly, many Pen Center contemporaries of Mr. Liu suddenly surfaced when the news that Liu Xiaobo was to become a Nobel Laureate became public.

Many articles, events and news of Liu's past were put back on the internet, questioning the role of the communist regime behind this award.

Wow, after reading them, any none political reader would be shocked and wonder what really was going on inside the iron curtain of China, and what is the real plan of the communist regime?

Liu Xiaobo was in America when the Chinese student movement started in 1989, and he went back to Beijing to be among the students. With his oratorial skills, Liu easily made it into the top circle among students, as the movement was simply pure protest without any strategic plan or ambitions attached.

When the People's Liberation Army (PLA) tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square, Liu went to the foreign diplomatic area to hide, but was arrested later. Many students were arrested and some were tortured.

Liu wrote letters to his associates soon after his arrest: " I am so ashamed that I sold my soul and I had to lay dirt on those noble students, I betrayed those Martyrs..." but no one blamed Liu after hearing that, and no one dug into what Liu had written and said while he was in prison, as Chinese are too familiar with how the communist dictators "deal with their prey". People share sorrow and offer comfort and praise to Liu as is the nature of human compassion.

What shocked people was that Liu published a book, in 1993, called "Confessions of a Doomsday Survivor" (In Chinese: 《末日幸存者的独白》). The sub-title of this book is: China, Nothing Except Lies.

In his own words


In Doomsday, Liu says:

"...I did not want to accept an interview by CCTV, (Chinese Central Television, the Communist Party mouthpiece) at an earlier stage, because I knew that it was their intention to push the line that the PLA did not kill, and if I confirmed the fact that no one had died, I would just be a tool of the government, and ( I ) would attract much criticism. Because at that time, the whole world believed that there was bloodshed in Tiananmen Square, some participants of the June 4 went overseas, and wanted to raise their heroic image, by purposely twisting the facts, telling lies, elaborating about the bloodshed on Tiananmen Square without limit, like Wu E Kaixi; Cai Ling and Li Lu etc according to their imagination, so they became instant heroes. If I appeared on television to confirm that I had not seen anyone killed, wouldn't I anger the whole world? It is not profitable for my popularity. So I decided to refuse the interview. ...but to face the facts of history, keeping silence is close to lying." ..."I have confirmed that I did not see people being killed during the disposal of students from the area (by the government). ....I want to tell the truth because I shall be responsible to history and to the people...."

"..Hey, I am under the knife of the slaughter, you (overseas dissidents) are in a completely safe place; hold binoculars in your hand, enjoy (watching) me shaking and begging; and you still criticize me! Is it fair? Those damned people who ran away overseas, have no reason to comment on my right and wrong. Why don't you stay? don't run away! I know very well what overseas so called dissidents want for democracy, they really hope that there is blood all over the (Tiananmen) Square, dead bodies everywhere; we, these prisoners inside China to be heavily punished, killed, thus, they can really enjoy and feel that they have things to say; They can have things to do, (food) to eat;  (Money) to spend; or to visit prostitutes."

But Liu also wrote: "Lies are the foundation of the Chinese dictatorship, it is more efficient then a knife. What type of people create what type of government, so what kind of people deserve what type of government, People lie so they deserve a lying government. On this issue of lying, governor and governed are so perfectly made to cooperate well; a real match in the Chinese style. I am also one of the co-operators. "

"Suffering may offer a good reputation for some; sacrifice could offer a chance to gain fame and profit; but the sorrow of a nation may only nourish a few cowards and liars. I am just one of them."

Doomsday by Liu, said the 1989 students movement had a "dark mood, selfish and a failure"; and "students are all liars";

"Deep in my heart, I believe I will be famous overnight again. This is my nature; my inborn luck and my destiny. I shall write, it is my best way of living." (Page 19 Doomsday)

"I am just like a person who has a ulcer growing on his head, not wanting it to be mentioned by others; but when this ulcer is seen by the rest of the world, and I am not able to hide it, I might as well let it open, walking under the broad sunlight to let others see. This can show my strength, my character; Do what I like to do and feel free. This is to protect my deeper self by being open on the surface." (Page 55, Doomsday)

"As a rational, clear minded person, I just like to observe, I had no intention to be caught up in the event (Student movement). Because I am a person who respects an individuals personal talent, I look down on those mass movements. I do not think there is any meaningful issue to have a mass movement in China. But on the other hand, I had the impulse, blind sighted, eager to enter every section of the event, wanting to take an outstanding position in the event, looking into the heated crowds, wondering how can such an enormous movement not have Liu Xiaobo's foot print." (Page 69, Doomsday)

"With every big event in history, all people who took part try to use such a historical opportunity for gain. The successful adventurers will gain all types of fame and profit; while the losers of those adventurers will carry the blame. Those who missed the chance will regret." (Page 73 Doomsday)

"No matter what other people discuss on the issue, I am firmly convinced that the "89 protest movement" was a chance that could not be missed. To be able to take part in this adventure, it is God's blessing on me. I have no regrets or complaints if I am criticized as a political adventurer. I am just relaxed." (Page 74 Doomsday)

"I look down on crowds, society is just a motley rabble. I respect the creativity of personal genius. The aim of my life is to see who is more powerful: a lonely genius with such creative capability; or the average masses? (Page 77 Doomsday)

Condemnation of Liu floods Chinese websites


Zhen Yi, a former chairman of ICPC recalls: "Liu Xiaobo was stopped by student guards when he wanted to go to the broadcast center to make a speech in the early stages. Later when Liu had a chance to hold a microphone to talk, a sense of revenge (described by Liu):  'enabling me to start with repeating my name many times loudly. Let those who tightly guard their student movement center know clearly, I am in the center of their movement and making a speech!' 'I am a young teacher of Chinese literature at Beijing's Teachers University; My name is Liu Xiaobo; my name is Liu Xiaobo; My name is Liu Xiaobo....';  '...when I shout out my name, that special exhilaration, joy, never leaves my mind'  (Page 134 Doomsday) "

Famous Chinese writer, Liu Bingyan, the founder of the Independent Chinese Pen Center, responded: " One can even use lies while making a confession regarding his lack of integrity, once again destroying virtue. Is there no end to a person falling lower?!"

Wang Ruowang replied after reading Doomsday:“a complete swap of righteousness and evil; you have the right to call yourself, a coward, a liar; but you have no right to defame or slander those survivors of the massacre." "...when talking about lies in China, you swapped cause to result, you advanced a criminal's act with twisted victim's suffering.... "

Zhen Yi, commented on Liu: "A lonely talent relied on taking chances; with every movement weighing the chance of gaining fame and profit; after a long time, (Liu) lost his own consciousness, and tried to influence others with his illness and also paint others with dirt." (A few years later, Zhen withdrew his criticism of Liu Xiaobo, and then succeeded Liu in 2007 as the chairman of the ICPC.) Note by Editor:  After Liu Xiaobo became the chairman of ICPC, many famous writers, including some original founders of the ICPC resigned from ICPC.

Many former Chinese Pen Center members expressed their shock and anger over Liu's Doomsday.

Jiang He, a well known Chinese poet said: " I do not feel psychological suffering after reading Liu's book, I feel physically disturbed, it causes my stomach to be nauseous, I want to vomit."

A Chinese dissident now living in Australia, Mr. Wang Gongbiao, who took part in the student movement during 1989 in the Guangdong area interviewed by China Uncensored: "After the June 4th Massacre, we heard that they (the government) killed many students, but did not know the true story. When I hear Liu Xiaobo speaking on CCTV to Chinese people, denying any killing in Tiananmen Square, I had my belief (that there was a massacre) reversed a little as Liu was such a hero of mine. But After I read his book, I know he is just so cheap and dirty, I cannot accept any words he used slandering the students movement. Liu has done what the communist regime wanted to do but was not able to, Liu has harmed Chinese people and cheated Chinese people more successfully than the communist did in their position. I do not want to hear his name again!"

Wang continues: "Liu is helping the communist regime to promote 'rebuilding the communist system in China. That is why Liu got involved in Charter 08. Liu tells Chinese to work with the communist regime. It will never work! it is just a lie to smother the freedom activities, to help communist taking control of Chinese people longer."

Well, what does the communist regime really want in this saga?


People around the world are happy to see that a Chinese living under such a regime has been awarded the  Nobel Peace Prize to pressure the communist regime into stopping its human rights abuses in China.

But many Chinese see the situation differently: A small sacrifice to attract a bigger gain?

The communist regime has been constantly under pressure from its very beginning onwards, since its' creation based on the 'principles' of Karl Marx and his Satanist group; because by its very nature the communists are against human nature and humanity. There is no need to defend their reputation among the people who knows them so well, like many politicians. But there is a need for the communist to continue to lie to fool innocent people, or the masses, as Liu Xiaobo calls them.



The effect that Liu's writings have had among young Chinese people is satisfying to the communist regime. Liu Xiaobo had written other essays after Doomsday, in a similar self indulgent way, slandering Chinese dissidents by twisting the facts.

It was just as Mr. Wang Gongbiao experienced: "If the communist government tries to argue with Chinese dissidents, Chinese people can clearly see who is telling the truth; but if a person like Liu Xiaobo, stands out to 'confess' and twist the facts of human rights activities, then Chinese people, especially the younger generations, who have not had much experience in real struggles, would stay away from any 'democratic movements', given the fact that there is not much truth available to them on the internet due to the heavy censorship by the communist regime. "

The communists are not worried by the Nobel Prize exposing human rights abuses to the world, the most urgent issue for the regime to worry about is the shaking foundation of their totalitarian power in China and their political power on the world stage. – A goal that communism ---  the spirit of Karl Marx was meant to achieve:  ...... You will sink down and I shall follow laughing,.....




If Liu Xiaobo's 2010 Nobel Peace Prize was orchestrated by the communist regime, as some Chinese believe, will Liu Xiaobo become a substitute for Karl Max, to help the communists influence human conscience on the world stage? It remains to be seen.




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