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Factory Worker Photo Fail in Front of Li Keqiangg

When Chinese news reported on Premier Li Keqiang's visit to a Dongguan factory, a photo of this worker caught many people by surprise, Can you find anything wrong?



One Chinese blog said: "girl, please don't pretend, doesnt your hand get burnt?"

Another blogger: "So a government office worker pretends to sit there?"

Another: "could that be a "massage parlour lady" performing a sit in?" (Dongguan is "famous" for its massive prostitution "industry" which isprotected by local officials and criminals)

German: We'll Never Catch Up With China! PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

Chinese media recently published an interview with Mrs. Zhi Zhongjun, a former Chairwoman of the American branch of the Chinese Science Academy.

The headline said: Germany will never catch up with China


Mrs. Zhi says: "Their (western) workers are not envious of China, but their bosses (capitalists) really envy China. A few years ago, in a meeting, a German speaker, said that China will be the engine of the world economy. I spoke to him after the meeting, 'you over estimate China's development, China has lots of difficulties.' He replied, 'you are not even paying the wages of workers, how can we compete with you?'"

Zhi Zhongjun. (screenshot)


Many Chinese people commented that this German's insights,  were 'on the point'.


One blogger 'kexuegong' added: "we can just kick the people out of their homes and pull the house down to make way for development, how can you compete with us?!"


Another blogger, 'fuyu' says: "China, a real paradise for capitalists, and gangsters, but hell for workers and peasants --- those so called 'masters of the country."




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