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Children going to school everyday in Jinan, China.


This street is in the middle of the city. (screenshots below) Children who aren't overweight have an advantage whilst passing there.


Still there are worse roads than this in China:

A Bad Omen on China's 'National Day' PDF Print E-mail
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Xu Ling/Renminbao   

On 1st October this month, the Chinese national flag was hung upside down and at half mast in Qing county of Changzhou city, Hebei province. This was quite disturbing for the communist regime.

What is so special? Qing county sits beside the ocean, and is where the creator of the earth, Pan Gu, an ancient Chinese legend, was said to have lived. There still remains Pan Gu tomb, Pan Gu temple, valley etc. , and the great Jinghang canal which traverses the whole county, and was built under the Shui Emperor in 606BC. A prosperous place throughout the history of China.

Pan Gu and the place where he choose to reside bears great significance to Chinese people, and is also very important to the communist regime since they took control of China.

Qing county is one of the first areas that the Chinese regime opened up for foreign investment. With all major industries represented, it is also the prime location where the "special non contaminated vegetables" produced for consumption by the communist leaders are grown.

The importance of Qing county to the communist regime is expressed on one of the main communist propaganda websites, Renminwang, it is called "China Qing county", which surpasses Changzhou city and Hebei province.

The flag incident happened on 1st October, China's National Day. How did it happen? Nobody can understand as they watched the flag carefully raised to the top! ...."It must be an omen that the communists should leave China soon...?" some people guessed

Well, the truth of Chinese communism has been exposed in recent years, and according to Chinese historians, the communist Party was never registered in China, because of the awkward situation that the so called 'Chinese Communist Party' was totally initiated and controlled by the Russian Bolshevics; it was also funded by the Russian Bolshevics.

Chinese are starting to think about the issue that the "communist party is not China"...and this might just be the case that the message is "in the air"...


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