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Thousands of Army Veterans Protest Living Conditions

Thousands of 14th Division People's Liberation Army (PLA) war veterans protest in front of the Department of Civil Affairs in Kunming, asking the government to fulfill its promise to improve their living conditions after retirement.

In recent years, army group protests in China have become more frequent.



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Behind Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize PDF Print E-mail
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Jiang Pin/Renminbao   

“They (the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will not release Liu unless the Nobel Peace Prize is granted.”

Early this year, I was with a group of old friends having dinner. A communist party insider in the group said to us: “If the Nobel Peace Prize is not granted, they (CCP) will not release Liu Xiaobo!”  I took this statement as a joke, and did not even bother to think about it. But now, the result of this surprises me!

Liu Xiaobo is connected with Charter 08. What is the connection?  Charter 08 was drafted by Chinese government scholars who were responsible for the present Chinese constitution. When the draft was done in 2008, they arranged a person inside the circle of dissidents to give the draft to Liu Xiaobo and let him “check and alter” ... Thus Liu was named as the founder of Charter 08.

The CCP needed to promote Charter 08, it wanted it to be widely known and to be accepted by the rest of the world at large, so after Charter 08 was publically spread among Chinese dissidents, they arrested Liu Xiaobo, and gave him an 11 years jail term to stimulate Charter 08 'fever'.

But Charter 08 did not evoke much fever from Chinese dissidents after they studied its contents in detail - without removing the CCP then nothing can change in China. The drama came to a dead end except for the world criticizing the arrest of Liu. This infuriated the people who orchestrated the whole saga so they planed another strategy: aiming at the Nobel Peace Prize.

“If the Nobel Prize is not given to Liu, we will not release Liul!” it is a simple trick to gain support and people’s compassion.

“Now do you finally believe me!?” A friend came to ask me go for a drink and talk.

I told him: “I still cannot believe this, Chinese people, inside China, have never received a Nobel Prize….in any category….let alone the Peace Prize. Liu is jailed for a few years, how come he gets the Peace Prize?!”

“Do you think we got it easily?! We have worked so hard, spent so much money, effort and careful planning, the pressure we endure, the time we spent, you cannot imagine.” he sighed.

“What’s so serious about Charter 08?” I am bewildered.

“It is opposing the ‘Nine Commentaries’ (Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party)! can't you see?” he replied.

“Oh,  to save the communist party in a roundabout way.”

“Yes, even Ma Yingjiu (Taiwan President) is able to realize this. And he expressed his support for Charter 08.”

“Well, now everybody is happy, from the top to bottom, from inside and outside of China. The Nobel Prize Committee members are also happy about themselves. ….”

Translated from renminbao


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Editor’s note:

In Chinese people’s eyes, Charter 08 creates an image of a legitimate Communist Party, but as long as the communist party is in control, there can never be free elections even under the name ‘free elections’. The situation in China has always been worse than the Burma ‘free elections’. It is not about the imprisonment of the party leader, it is about the imprisonment and denying the livelihood of the party members and their relatives….also, it offers a substantial time to cushion the crisis of open rebellion that the communist party is facing in China now.

Many Chinese people think that the Nobel Prize Committee should have awarded the Prize to human rights lawyer Gao Zhizeng, or human rights activist Hu jia in recent years, but that the CCP was desperate to stop an award to Gao, which would have exposed the CCP's genocidal crimes far more than an award to Liu.


After the petition to the Nobel Peace Prize committee in support of Liu Xiaobo for the Peace Prize was published on the internet, Chinese dissidents, Wang Zhang, Xiong Yan and Deng Huanwu posted declarations  that they had never signed a petition to support Liu Xiaobo, and that they do not support the petition.




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