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Shan Ying   

Inspired by the teachings of Falun Dafa  -- This article was written in 1996, and science quotations used are related to that period.

What is the "soul"? Is it an expression of our spirit, or some kind of material that can be weighed or dealt with?

18 months ago, I came across the teachings of Falun Dafa unexpectedly. I was astounded by its profundity. Shortly after I started practicing, a sense of “awakening” lead me to some new understanding of the essence of different religions, meditation practices, super-abilities and disease etc., especially about the purpose of life of human beings.

With attentive reverence to nature, I attempted to combine quantum theory with my level of understanding, expounding the "order of the universe" and "science of the mind". I would be grateful to receive questions or queries, since I am also longing for my own progression.

(Since all topics in here cover a wide range of aspects with profundity; to limit the length, I could only be brief on the formation of essential conditions of major topics in this article.)

As our minds are fully occupied by modern science, we have been striving for discovery and research throughout the centuries, but we know absolutely nothing yet about elucidating our emotional activities in science. We are using our minds to receive information, to comprehend knowledge, to conduct our behaviour, to direct our emotion and to anticipate the future. Shall we question: What is the mind made of? Why is every mind different? Considering, the brain of the average human being appears to use only about five percent of its functioning, as stated by some scientists, how would we recognize the universe if the brain is in full motion?

If these questions do not appear to be important to us, let us observe what we have in our life materially or spiritually: We are clearly aware of problems of "resources", but we can only panic or choose to be deaf. Suppose the disasters will not affect you and I before we die, how contented are we with our life? We may lower our goals and work very hard to increase the chances of success, but mostly the ‘success’ comes to us all of a sudden, or our inspiration "comes at 3:00 am” to help us succeed. Why? I prefer not to discuss our spiritual wellbeing now. Because we have enough `depression', and `abnormality' from all sorts of mental subjects whether we are a `small potato' or `VIP'. If you have ever thought about the reason for your attendance in this world, you may find agreement with me that there is a good reason for us being passengers in society or in history.

According to science, all matters are made up of atoms. The nucleus of atoms is made up of electrons and protons. Later, it was discovered that the nucleus contained another particle, called the "neutron". Furthermore, we have even found the smaller particles that may build up the proton and neutron are called "quarks". However, every particle has to have an anti-particle, with which it can counterpoise. So far, there is no news for you.

What makes the particles and anti-particles stick together? Do they obey certain laws in motion?

Through complicated laboratory tests, we have found that there is gravitational force, the electromagnetic force, the weak nuclear force (Usually called “the Weak Force” in Quantum physics.) and strong nuclear force controlling all matter. “Up until 1956 it was believed that the laws of physics obeyed each of three separate symmetries called Symmetry C, P, and T. The Symmetry C means that the laws are the same for particles and anti-particles. The Symmetry P means that the laws are the same for any situation and its mirror image. The Symmetry T means that if you reverse the direction of motion of all particles and antiparticles, the system should go back to what it was at earlier times; in other words, the laws are the same in the forward and backward directions of time.”1

But by 1980 we were shown that some molecules do not obey the Symmetry C, P, and T or the combined Symmetry CPT under certain conditions. The laws of physics are not quite the same for particles and anti-particles --- The Weak Force between particles and anti-particles does not obey the Symmetry C or combined Symmetry CP....

Obviously, there is MATTER carrying those Forces between the particles, yet it is neither visible nor obtainable in our three dimensions; it is manoeuvring beyond our expectations. How do our minds discriminate this matter? Moreover, our minds are usually not providing help when needed, but offer messages when THEY like to do so! If we do remind ourselves of these primary contradictions, we would realize that to seek scientific explanation of the universe, with the logic we have now, is trying to illustrate the multi-dimensional universe as a three-dimensional model.

It is confusing. Besides, the many facts discovered have convinced us that human beings did not “evolve”in the way which Darwin described. Scientists have found the remains of highly civilized cities below the seabed that have shown the existence of intelligent beings dating back millions of years. There are also many excavations that were made that are beyond the technology of today. In China around 1600 BC, the bronzes had evinced such a standard of sophisticated metallurgy in that period that is still a mystery to us now. It was more than 3000 years before modern science set the foundation. There are too many discoveries that have exposed the dilemma: what is the chronological table of human beings? If we are still sympathetic to that broken logic in the "Theory of Evolution", how do we gather this information without running into repugnance?

Fortunately, neither certain scientific fields or those doctrines that may only be chanted do not restrict me. My inference would be only dialectic.

The enthusiasm for getting into quantum physics research is because we are hoping that we may gain insight into the making of our universe. Let me put what we have got so far in line: we do know a few phenomenon of protons and neutrons, but are we able to affirm the whole scene of the “field” of `proton' properly? We have found the significant motion of quarks, but would "quarks" be the little bricks, as cells in our eyes, that form the other world in their dimensions? And how would the scene be? We know the laws of three Symmetries work well in three dimensions. What we need to find out about is: are the law(s), which those force-carrying particles are obeying; were those law(s) interfering with the laws of Symmetries CTP in three dimensions? Were those Forces the PHYSICAL MATTER in multi-dimensions? If so, how does every mind comprehend, or communicate with this matter?

Let us censor the knowledge we have about our "minds". Already we have given concepts about the mind as 'consciousness' and 'unconsciousness' literally; it is neither in the scientific range nor in the view of medicine. We can understand part of our consciousness from the five senses: visual sense; sense of hearing; sense of taste; sense of smell and tactile sensation that directly affect the mind through nerves. We have put the sixth sense in the category of unconsciousness or sub-consciousness abruptly, but we cannot debate what kind of nerves the sixth sense is drifting through, and how it enforces the mind. We have some presumptions about every person's sub-consciousness and attitudes that is defined variously by every philosopher and psychologist with their own understanding, and that left us with plenty of problems, that is, facing the increase in the numbers of psychotic people.

What is the capacity of each human "mind"? With what difference, is every mind created? How do our memories, thoughts and actions associate with each other? Are there any influences to the mind that come from `higher beings' or from other dimensions? Though, Metaphysics of the East and the West appear to have more success in describing the answers to the above questions than the scientific ways at present, we have discovered through modern science that celestial bodies do influence the minds of lives on the earth. Then dare we question, if we combine Quantum-physics with Astrophysics together, would we find accord with ancient Astrology?

I would like to start my analysis anew here.

When we analyse an object, we can see the cells or chemical elements of this object through a microscope. With equipment in laboratories, we found the atoms, which together compose the element, but we need to supply a field with very strong force to split the atom. Since the energy inside the atom is so powerful, the atomic bomb can bring about such destruction. We can, however, only find a few ways to individualize the atom of only certain elements so far. We have realized that the smaller the particles, the stronger their bonding energy would be. So, it is not difficult for us to understand the "nuclear bomb", or perhaps the "quark bomb".

Everything in the universe has its fundamental particles, the same as in the human body: the atoms, proton and neutron, and quarks or even smaller particles. We have disclosed the "world of cells". We can see their movements and their exchanges. Have we seen the panorama of the "world of quarks" besides those six quarks that we have hypothesized up to now? If we can see the dysfunctional cells in the body causing death, and the chemical reaction of cells during cremation (e.g.), would the heat of cremation have such efficacy to destroy the "quarks"? Can we find out the behaviour of those quarks or other smaller particles after the cremation, or would they just lay back to enjoy the solitariness?

It is clear that all particles have antithetic pairs that are the positive and the negative. All matter is intermixing along with the balance of fullness and emptiness, active and passive composition, corresponding from chemical transaction to our daily life, as commonly saying that `you get what you have paid for'. But notably, we have found many things that do not appear to be reasonably balanced according to the theories from science or from the Bible, in ways that we usually comprehend. There are accidents, robberies and wars that have happened to many fair citizens; all new babies are treated differently despite that they are all innocent; there is irresponsive love and immoderate hate bothering human life. Why does the 'Law of the Unity of Opposites' not perform well? How would `God' view this disparity?

What is `God'? The word "god" is translated from the Greek word "Theos"2. However, “Theos means either some "force" or the personification in mythology of some force”. 2 The word "Buddha” is transliterated from Sanskrit, means “the enlightened human being with total wisdom and omnipotency”. I quote the saying here by Thales, a Greek sage of the pre-Socratic period, "all things are full of gods"; also, "the fundamental substance from which all things proceed is water."2 (This sentence was the comprehension of the ideas of Thales by Aristotle, not the words of Thales himself.) I have learned that one of the indications about `Water', in Eastern metaphysics is "wisdom". Another teaching by Anaximander, "it is neither water nor any other of the so-called elements, but a substance different from them which is infinite, from which arise all the heavens and the worlds within them."2

With the knowledge of science, the `limited' are much less than the "unlimited". The "infinite" are far more extensive than the `finite'. So please allow me to imagine the vigour of the cosmos from the origin, the sphere of `god particle', and we may stride into whichever dimensions we would like to ponder…

Theos or god, as the divine Substance, was the eternal progenitor of all, of the cosmos. "It was not only `unlimited' in extent, but was also `unlimited' in the sense." -- By Thales2. It is beyond multi-dimensions. (Or should I suggest that it is in the state of `non dimension'?) Certainly there is no one thing that has any kind of strength to be able to exert any influence onto this substance. So, it has the divine power, but it is inaction. Or in perfect and harmonious movements, let us call it “substance A”. To be described in a religious way, it is the crystal clear `soul', or pure, desire less “mind” which naturally exists in the cosmos. It is the one with total wisdom. The innate qualities of the substance A can be characterized as Genuine, Omnificent and Neutral. It is omnipresent. Or, we can also define them as The Pure Particles. In the sense of religion, it may transcribe as virtue, truth, contribution, justness, etc....

If one area of substance A (SA) appears with any kind of weak strength, it becomes unbalanced in ways that are out of character of SA, the neutrality of this part of SA would break. The substances nearby would also be alerted or disturbed. These substances become different from Substance-A in various ways, and individualized into different dimensions. We may call them substance unit B, C, or D..., in 90 dimensions, 80-Ds, or 70-Ds.... (We assume that Sub-A are at 100 perfect dimensions.) The substance unit B, C, or D are no longer composed perfectly by the pure particles. They have lost the characters of "Genuine, Omnificent and Neutral" in different degrees. Instead they have summoned anti-virtue particles, anti-contribute particles. Those are called "the vice particles". As if the pure substance 'rose' to have ego, that crystal clear `soul' started befogging with stain, it can no longer visualize as clearly as the original "one". The divine power regressed into limited abilities. -- Should Einstein's equation, E = mc2, start performing from here? Behold, we can now seek abundant concord with Anaximander: "...from which arise all the heavens and the worlds within them."2

All the Substance units are the living entities in their dimensions. The capacity of every Substance unit in the same dimension is similar. The aptitude of the Substance unit is depending on how the pure particles are reserved in it that would be able to generate the performance. The exchanges of `the virtue particles' and `the vice particles' bring about the outcome of the overall balance and qualities of this substance unit, and carrying this Substance unit into its assimilated level.

To understand the aptitude of the substance of all worlds or dimensions would undoubtedly be more complicated before we first learned of "time dimension". Thankfully, we can refer to the performance of a type of elementary particle, called "neutrino", the tiniest particles yet discovered (1996). Neutrino can turn into another type of particle in an instant. Like all the other leptons (Leptons, a science term for smaller particles that we have, or have not yet discovered.), we are not sure if these particles have reasons or `purpose' for their movements. Neutrinos also appear to only respond to the Weak Force. “The interaction between neutrinos and other matter is so slight that they can pass right through the earth without leaving a trace.”3 We certainly could not have noticed if neutrinos journey through our body. So, where do they like to stay, and what do they do?

To find out what neutrinos are up to, physicists at the world's most powerful accelerators now plan to send streams of neutrinos skimming under our feet for hundreds of kilometres--across Japan, from Illinois to Minnesota, and from Switzerland to Italy. Well, there are `minds' which go much faster and further than these neutrinos!

If "life" means existence, implies things that exercise functional powers and the span between birth and death, thence the universe is a life that is alive. Every thing contains life, because their elementary particles are swinging in the universe and stretch its life. Every life contains a mind to master its own span. The mind is the reflection of the motion of the `soul substance'. Every soul is in fact the `mysterious particles', or substance of different dimensions, shifting in their ways in adjusting the balance while performing their aptitude. The generator is Theos, the "pure particle".

Let us see how human souls master their lives. We may call our souls, Substance X unit. After degenerating from Substance A, SX unit remains a small portion of Substance A and adds many other larger particles that are only suited to lower dimensions. Due to the different composition of particles, SX units reveal their difference from intelligence, abilities, characters and journey of process, as from each person’s destinies. Within the divine power and harmony, SX units constantly feel the imbalance within them, and tend to adjust their balance which relates to their previous chaotic exchanges of particles, that are manifesting through the tension of minds (including the sixth sense etc.), or the so called "conscious" and "sub-conscious", accompanied by our various activities and in different environments. As described by Anaximander, "... and into that from which things take their rise they pass away once more, as is meet; for they make reparation and satisfaction to one another for their injustice according to the ordering of time."4

Our minds are now restricted by our `sense’ -- the motion of soul particles, but SX units are wildly awake and are unreserved communicating with all the other spaces and times. Our eyes and SX units are `seeing' things from the opposite directions of events with different photographs.! If, we were able to assimilate our quality to much higher substance units, or return to substance A, or Theos, we will be able to, not only travel with neutrinos but may also visit all our friends that are absent! 5

We all have experienced that we can arouse much stronger energy than our normal status, when we are excited. How does this extra energy originate without having any change in body structure? Because, some substance that can `travel free' in the body, was called to the position to enforce the strength of that part of the body; with the power contributed by higher level substances that remained in SX unit. To the extent, few people can even orchestrate some force, or substance to the outside of the body, and move items around. As the old Twiloan6 ignores the bulge in the back of the goal net, since soccer is a low scoring game, shall we too, disregard those `super-abilities' just because the majority of us are not capable? It is not possible for us to see and to feel things that are beyond our sensual abilities. It is difficult to explain colours to the blind like us.

According to a researcher in the United States: A plant was connected to a polygraph (lie detector), and while the researcher was only thinking about burning a leaf of this plant, the screen quickly showed a wave which is similar to the reaction of a terrified human13. We also know that many animals can "smell" danger and disaster much earlier and more accurately than human beings. So, we need not be startled if somebody is able to `see' things of other dimensions, or to cross the river by a straw like a disciple of Sakyamuni7 did. Consider that our sense of vision can only operate in a very limited scope, according to a certain wavelength of light. We can understand that each of our senses is indeed facing such dilemma in this vast universe. No wonder Leibniz said: “Concerning the bodies I am able to prove that not only light, colour, heat, and the like, but motion, shape, and extension too are only apparent qualities”8.

If it makes you feel sad at the extraordinary blindness of humans, then do pay attention to the events such as `psychic power', 'hypnosis', `astral connections' etc. Think carefully before you jump in. – Things may turn muddier if we let our minds be mutated without acquiring the intrinsic quality of the mind! Moreover, might some of us be mislead and go to visit the wrong worlds...?

Everything in the cosmos and in our world has its cause to emerge into its manifestations. As an example, let us just discuss human beings. We could conclude now that our `souls', are the Substances, which are befogged with the stain. So our capacity is restricted in the level of this world. This means that our wisdom is `darkened' at this level. Our life can be imagined as the personification of the substance X, making reparation of injustice4 or paying back the “debt” as described in Buddhism. The activities in life may not actually be commanded by our minds, but intermingled or chained with the other soul substance according to their connections for adjustment. This indicates that we are, as the elements in the process of chemical or physical reaction in an edgeless and shapeless container? The Force that is powering the universe is alive. -- "The magnet is alive since it has the power to move iron."9

Where are we in this `darkness of everlasting chains'? We may have fallen into this level with heavily stained souls and awfully narrowed wisdom, of being nearly blind, and destined “to be destroyed”! The Prophecy is not a `myth', but a "necessity" that we demand to understand from our `inner souls'. ---"A wise man will hear, and increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsel: To understand a proverb, and the interpretation; the words of the wise, and their dark sayings. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction."10

How should we live our lives wisely? Why do we have a need to do so? And what should we do?

What is a life? It is the exposition of the substance X in its motion in this world of three dimensions. The SX unit could come to be `Substance D,' or `Substance Y' (e.g.) and transform into other dimensions ("... the heavens and the worlds..." 2) depending on its changed qualities. If the `stain' of SX unit has been reduced over certain amounts, it is less restricted by the anti-particles, meanwhile, the amount of the pure particles has recovered, its capacity would increase and convert into higher dimensions; If SX unit has invited more stain, encircled itself with heavier darkness, it will be chained forcefully and be left into ... the worlds to be destroyed! SX unit can also transmute into different forms within three dimensions due to the composition of particles. We may comprehend reincarnation from here.

Should we inquire into Quantum physics: the movement of cells is determined by the positive-negative position (or yin-yang balance) of the molecules in the cells. The motion in between two atoms is settled by the magnetic force before their passage; the collision of two quarks is also concluded through that "mysterious force" before the crusade! Neutrinos, or even smaller leptons, are just moved around by that force! As if, we can accept in modern medicine by now, that acupuncture is to deal with that unbalanced energy force in the body, but if we do not understand, it is those forces -- the living entities moving around with their substance, generating all the disease and abnormalities in our bodies, how can we not be bothered since we are only chasing after the movements of cells!

If our `thoughts' are in fact the light of our souls that are filtering through the stain, what is the original desire of our souls? -- To recall the magnitude of "Genuine, Omnificent and Neutral". We spend our entire lives searching for gratification in different aspects to meet the needs of our wounded souls, but we have failed to understand what ancient teachings have offered us: "to revive", "to find oneself". Instead we are busy scrutinizing each other, or trading off our precious quintessence for ego and whims through futile struggling. It will not bring us the real contentment and security we need, but we surely solicit more `chains' onto our souls. The Law of Nature has never been neglected, but we have been ignored and punished by disasters and hardships.

What shall we blame? Is the teaching too high or the `stain' too thick? Behold, the guide was there long ago: if a soul not only resists the tendency of twisting with more particles, but also recuperates its pure particles, and is linked to the “Weak force”, the Weak force would proffer salvation by dissolving the chains around this soul. That is the power of omnipotence!

To be `wise', is common to everybody. Every person holds one’s individual notion of being `wise' in life. To a sage, a scientist is no wiser than a bus ticket collector. Minds, do seem to be creating ideas, but are driven by the soul substance. The rectification between the substances of souls generates the intelligence, attitudes, emotion, and brings out the entirety of events. The destinies of all lives under Substance A are ordained by Theos with the law of "yin-yang" adjustment. Every life has its pre-laid route to function in the whole cosmos through all events. Otherwise, though, the angels did not want to take the president's position, any empire on earth would still abound with kings since there are so many brilliant citizens that are full of vigour and confidence.

The Astrology and Metaphysics that we have been offered by our predecessors, indicate the laws and order of the spaces and times related to where we live in this universe. Many things do not appear to be logical in our world, but are reasoning coherently with the soul substance in other dimensions related to us. We have no need to blame our fortune-tellers for their misinterpretation, since their comprehensions and perceptions are only limited as well. Besides, these formulas that are available to us maybe far-out enough to calculate the facts in this very time!

The particles of the soul set the journey of life through all dimensions of the cosmos, but our minds are amusing us as if we established our goals in such a lifetime with the purposes we are planning. The motions of our minds are subsidiary to the manifestation of our soul particles. A proper soul produces good command to its mind. Therefore, it is such a blessing for a person to understand: we have the opportunity to comprehend and act, as the purpose of living, we can reverse ourselves into the `projector', into the cradle of paradise, by purifying our minds and to heal our souls! This is why human life is so superior, precious and different to other species.

While Theos, and the Weak forces orchestrate and balance the entire realms, we are holding some 'terrain' or 'dignity' as possessions, and try to validate ourselves in fallacy. Though scholars can be awarded, a soul with enlightenment does not come from learning. Let us cogitate, how mundane Certificates, the arguments, or worship do us any good: if we can not realize, or fulfil the needs of our souls, with the minds upon which we habitually rely and these two eyes to guide us climbing the `ladder', how far can we go? Where are we going? Therefore, the enlightened human beings with their merciful hearts would inspire us through different ways to awaken our wounded souls, like Thales, Jesus and Lao-Zhi did. So, what are we expecting now?!

"What we saw and caught we leave behind, what we neither saw nor caught we take with us."11 -- Heraclitus (a Greek meditator) is never too `dark' to be `seen' if we are able to remove our invisible `sunglasses'. "Eyes and ears are bad witnesses for men..." 11 Right or wrong, good or bad, are not valued by the appearance or by our misinterpreted sense. The adjustments are taking place through the exchanges of `virtue' and `vice' particles of the soul substance. --"It is the opposite which is good for us." 11 Every suffering of the soul is offered a chance to neutralize the unbalanced particles. We are indebted to Heraclitus for his indications, "Whatever it wants, it buys with soul."

If the universe is a symphony, the “Weak force” is the composer and the conductor. In life, we have been clarifying all the different “Logoi” or “sentiments” among ourselves, but that could not elevate our wisdom, since it does not provide much cleansing for our souls. A clean and tranquil soul is perceptible to all subtlety, but an unruly or dogmatic mind collides instantly with the unknown. As if an unruffled wave detects messages from all directions; the sets of criss-cross waves receive distorted information by its own interruptions.

This is why it is wise to practice proper meditation as a way of life rather than `emergency rescues'. That is: to measure our thinking and activities in daily life with the characters of Theos, and to assimilate our souls with the pure particle. The faster we improve the purity of our souls, the more we will discover the illumination within ourselves.

Nature is orchestrating continuously without negotiation with modern science. If, the so called "Weak force", is such a mystery to quantum physicists of today, are we able to apprehend by now why it is so powerful? Furthermore, can you see, if we are able to uncover the wisdom in our minds, we would not only have overflowing "breakthroughs" in all fields of research, but also find easy and new understanding to the [principia]12 of Isaac Newton.

An enlightened soul has insight into the panorama of all the heavens and the worlds; While, to Heraclitus, an invention or a master painting may only be human prattle of different subjects on earth. A wounded soul gathers knowledge and imaginations by pieces. A soul with beauteous wisdom penetrates freely in the all-embracing spectacle.

Supposing that , my accent and `too many notes’ in this writing have not bothered you, you would feel by now, the longing from your soul to be Genuine, Omnificent and Neutral. Certainly, the journey of “soul recuperating”, and to recover total wisdom, is joyous but not effortless. So much strength is needed to step out of the darkness and pressure. But, "as a man sows, so he shall reap". Hesitate not; your destiny is in your hands.

Human life is precious and time is running out regardless of how slow we are. If we could realize that it is our souls, craving to be recuperated, and if we want to revise our journey with prudence for the soul, I believe, we are offered a vital guidance now, that is the teaching in Zhuan Falun(15), offered by Master Li Hongzhi, from where all my inquiries ended; and a new life began...


1 [A Brief History Of Time], P82 by Stephen Hawking
2 From [Early Greek Philosophy], by John Burnet. 4th edition. There are few versions of translations on the thinking of the early Greeks. John Burnet had collected quite a few quotes of the earlier thinkers and philosophers in this book. Thales, Anaximander and Heraclitus are the few thinkers before the emergence of the philosophical school in Greek.
3 Article called “Cosmic Changelings” -- reports by Christine Sutton, about new discoveries on neutrinos. [New Scientist], 16 March 1996.
4 From [Early Greek Philosophy], by John Burnet. Chapter: Anaximander.
5 Two articles: “hallucination syndrome” and “eyes of flies” from [Discover] Jul 96 issue, have offered great insight into understanding different dimensions.
6 From [The God Particle], by Ledermen with Teresi. Ledermen, a physicist and Nobel price winner.
Page 10: Two Twiloans, one young and one old, from the planet Twilo came to Earth visiting us. People on Twilo planet cannot see any object that has black and white contrast. The two Twiloans were invited to watch a great soccer game. Since they could not see the soccer ball, they went home with great wonder about the game. The young Twiloan figured out that there might be an invisible ball in the game since there were a few bulges made in the nets; but the old Twiloan could not stand the idea that there would be things that he could not be able to see and made some other theory himself about the game. The majority of the Twiloans echo with the old Twiloans since his idea is more acceptable.
7 Sakyamuni is the founder of Buddhist practice in ancient Indian; during 500BC.
8 Leibniz, a German mathematician in 19th century. A quote is from: Philosophic Schriften, ed; VII, p322.
9 From [Early Greek Philosophy], by John Burnet, quotes by Thales on chapter “Thales”.
10 From the Proverbs, [The Bible].
11 Heraclitus was a Greek meditator in the similar period as Thales. He was regarded as a great thinker in that time. It was said that he refused the offer of a royal post, and kept living in a primitive way. The many scripts that he wrote made the later philosophers puzzled, but sense the power of wisdom. He was then described as “dark”.
12 Issac Newton had systematised all his theories and ideas in this major book, [ Principia ]. There are three volumes. He questioned his own theories and also stated that his thinking was beyond the doctrine of science of today.
13 The Plants Respond: An Interview with Cleve Backster published in "The Sun" July 1997 published in "Free Spirit" October 1998.
14 Falun Dafa is a practice that has brought better health and inner peace to millions around the world. We call it a cultivation practice: "cultivation" refers to the improvement of one's heart and mind through the careful study of universal principles based on truthfulness, benevolence, and forbearance; "practice" means doing exercises and meditation to energize the body. Master Li Hongzhi is the founder of Falun Dafa.
15 Zhuan Falun (Turning the Law Wheel) is a book of word-to-word recordings from the complete session of lectures that Mr Li Hongzhi gave to students in China. The principles of Falun Dafa are explained in their entirety in this book.




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