China's Constitution or Communist Con? Print
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Maia Pagan   

As much as the Western world is accustomed to readily swallowing the data, propaganda and shallow promises that the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) minions are touting everywhere,  more snippets of factual information coming from reliable, independent media sources makes one wonder about the accuracy of any information coming out of present-day China.

All 'official' information seems to be a carefully calculated, orchestrated effort - to let the leadership bask in glory, no matter what. But reading between the lines presents a different picture, one of deception and fraud and disregard for the most basic human needs.

The Chinese Constitution is modeled after the Soviet Union's 1936 constitution, with a few specific differences. Article 5 of the Chinese constitution explicitly states, "The constitution and law are supreme over all organizations and individuals." It gives even greater attention to clarifying citizens' fundamental rights and duties; the right to vote and run for office at age eighteen (except for those disenfranchised by law); guarantees freedom of religious worship as well as freedom not to believe in any religion and affirms that religious bodies and religious affairs are not subject to foreign domination.

Article 35 proclaims, "Citizens of the PRC enjoy freedom of speech, freedom of the press, of assembly, of procession and of demonstration." Another segment guarantees workers the right to strike, to speak out freely, air views fully, hold large debates and write big-character posters.

Furthermore, the 1982 Constitution is quite specific about the functions and responsibilities of offices and organs in the state structure. There are clear admonitions against the familiar Chinese practices the Constitution reformers have labeled abuses, such as concentrating power in the hands of a few leaders, and lifelong tenure in leadership positions. In addition, a 2004 amendment states, "legally obtained property of any citizen shall not be violated," and "The state respects and protects human rights."

The free world was shocked into reality when vivid reports and images of the June 1989 Tienanmen Square massacre circulated around the globe. Why did this happen when the Chinese constitution clearly guarantees the right to assembly and freedom from punishment for protesters?

The answer is laid clear in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, - the CCP is not, and has never served the Chinese people according to its published constitution. It only lives to retain power, and suppresses all dissent.

80 million Chinese citizens have been killed by the CCP during its reign of terror that continues even today. From the ridiculous "Great Leap Forward", where peasants were forced to lie that their geese had grown as large as cows; their harvest stacked up like mountains from only a couple of acres, to the infamous Cultural Revolution; from the Tiananmen Square Massacre to the purge on Falun Gong; from the cover up of the SARS epidemic; to poisoned milk products; poisonous toys and other products; the continuous persecution of the Uyghurs and Tibetans, and Christians in home churches.  A dictatorship that is so paranoid acts this way to keep hold of their absolute power over Chinese people.

The Chinese communist party acts completely against the Chinese constitution. It is also shameful that the world has let it happen for such long time. The last 60 years of Communist Party rule have been nothing but a disaster for China's people.

China’s strong economic influence in the world, affects the world in many aspects, but to ensure a harmonious and prosperous future of any sort in the world, will not be possible if the Chinese communist regime remains in power as a one party dictatorship.