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Sink Hole 2012

In recent years, sink holes in China have occured more often in many places, but in HeilongJiang province, north of China, many of the sink holes have already "swallowed" human lives. People in HeilongJiang province have posted photos of recent sink holes:

There have been over 2 dozen sink hole sin Heilongjiang province alone this year, and there were 8 sink holes in just one week in August!

Bloggers wonder if it has something related to the year 2012?


China's Stimulus Package Lacks Transparency PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

How large is China's economic stimulus package?

This question not only occupied the delegates of the National People's Congress, but also representatives of foreign companies who want to know what is going to be in the picture for China's economy.

Full report: China's stimulus package lacks transparency By Andreas Landwehr



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