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17 Million Yuan Luxury Cruise Ship Sinks on Launch

The first luxury cruise ship made in China was launched right INTO the water!


Video of the event:

Left top: Ceremony at launch site by Provincial leaders.

Bottom left and right: The 17 million yuan {US$2.66 million) ship "launches"right into the water". (screenshot)

Real China

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

----------- George Orwell

Communism Heals Psychosis? PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Yu Tang   

On 26th Nov. 2009, in a psychiatric hospital in Zhiyang, Shichuan province, patients and nurses held a competition singing communist songs.

According to the Zhiyang Daily News, the competition was organised and designed by the hospital to praise the Communist Party by singing “without the Communist Party there will be no new China, the Communist Party works hard for people, to save China…..”

The organiser from the hospital explained that through the singing of red songs with psychiatric patients, "it expresses the love of patients...

Extraordinary Variety of Lost Goods in Taiwan Airport PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

If you have ever lost your belongings after traveling by air, you may find them in one of the airports you passed through according to a Taiwan airport publication.

Taoyuan airport has a collection of 5  thousand lost items per year, the variety of the lost goods are fascinating, including Buddhist relics and a burial urn.

According to Taiwan CTS television, in the...

Dumpling King PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Yu Tang   

The city of Changsha, Shenyang is famous for its traditional dish: dumpling. Each year there are dumpling eating competitions. This year's competition "China's King of Appetite" was held south of the East road in Shanyang, which is called "dumpling city."

A 16 year old junior, Peng Siliang, won the title of "China's King of Appetite" this year by defeating...

Stealing and Selling Children Within Half Hour in Guangdong Province. PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Robert Bowman   

Kidnapping and selling children in Dongguan is highly organized, with kidnappers “stealing, transferring and selling” in one supply chain service. Children can be kidnapped, then transferred out off the town or county within half an hour, and finally sold in another town.

According to Central News Taipei, China Central Television (CCTV) in “Economic Half Hour” reported that...

Toxic Foods: Beans Sprouting in Veterinary Drugs PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Yu Tang   

At the beginning of 2010, the famous Harbin “bean sprout village” at Dawn Town, Heilongjiang Province,was exposed for having produced a large amount of poisonous bean sprouts.

The bean sprout workshop in the village scrubbed the buckets (containers) with lime and soaked the beans in veterinary drugs as well as...

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