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What Do His Hand Gestures Mean?


Chen made this hand gesture 6 times during his confession which was aired by China's state media, CCTV, before his trial.

Chen Yongzhou, a journalist for the Guangdong-based New Express newspaper was arrested after he published a report about financial irregularities at a construction-equipment company called Zoomlion.

Chen's arrest sparked a huge outcry from Chinese people and also from the newspaper he was working for. The newspaper made a big effort to pressure the communist regime to release Chen, but a few days later, the chief of New Express was removed from his position.

The communist regime quickly arranged a TV "show" that showed Chen Yongzhou 'confessing' to accepting bribes, but most Chinese bloggers thought the 'confession' was the result of torture.

Chinese bloggers also questioned the following from the CCTV program:

1, Why did Chen make this hand gesture 6 times during his confession?

2, Why did Chen keep his eyes closed at all times during his confession?

3, There are 2 areas of bruising on his neck, are they the result of beating and torture ?

4, Why did CCTV broadcast Chen Yongzhou's confession before any trial?

5, Who had bribed him and why was that person not charged?

6, Why did they shave Chen's hair?


Journalist Chen Yongzhou from New Express newspaper (screenshot)


Chinese bloggers asked: Was he in physical pain when reciting this statement? (screenshot)

The bruise marks can be clearly seen on his neck. (screenshot)

Real China

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

----------- George Orwell

Tiananmen Crackdown Adds Another Casualty PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Support Network   

May 28, 2012 (CSN) -- Human Rights in China has released the following English translation of an obituary from the Tiananmen Mothers, a group of parents of those who were killed in the June 4, 1989 massacre at Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China.

Today, we announce with immense sorrow that Mr. Ya Weilin, father of Ya Aiguo, a victim of June Fourth government crackdown on the 1989 protests, and a key member of the Tiananmen Mothers, committed suicide by hanging himself on May 25. He was 73 years old.

Ya Weilin and his wife, Ms. Zhang Zhenxia, an affectionate couple, have two sons. The younger son, Ya Aiguo was shot in the head by martial law troops in the vicinity of Gongzhufen in Beijing...

Why Chen Guangcheng Risks His Life PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Warning Graphic photographs

CNN reporters risked a third visit to Chen Guangcheng's home town even though
Cheng and his family were not there!

CNN were chased out of the village of fugitive dissident Chen Guangcheng
by communist security officers and thugs employed by them, CNN's Stan Grant
Leaked Internal Speech Attributed to Zhou Yongkang PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Translated by Chinauncensored   

Warning: graphic photographs.

The following internal speech (was given in a meeting of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee, PLAC) was posted on the web by a Chinese blogger on January...

Gu Kailai or Bo-Gu Kailai PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

On the 10th April, the Chinese regime's mouth piece, Xinhua News reported: "..comrade Bo Xilai is suspended from the Communist party and his wife, Bo-Gu Kailai was put under investigation in connection with the death of British businessman Neil Heywood in Nov. 2011..."

Chinese bloggers quickly offered their analysis of the...

Zhou Yongkang Is Toppled PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

Another senior leader of the Communist Party of China, Zhou Yongkang, the 9th ranked member of the powerful Politburo Standing Committee, and the head of the Central Political and Legislative Committee, has followed Bo Xilai in being toppled from his post,

Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun – Stories You May Not Have Heard PDF Print E-mail
Real China

[Editor's Note: Recently in China, there was a political shake-up involving Bo Xilai and his right hand man, Wang Lijun. It was so serious that the shockwaves reverberated in the U.S. Chinascope collected some stories about Bo and Wang from Chinese media (both inside and outside of China) that may not have been widely reported in the Western media. The following are excerpts from those articles.]

An Overview of the Bo Xilai/Wang Lijun...

Amnesty Says Falun Gong Man Close to Death PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

Amnesty International has issued a call for URGENT ACTION to help save a Falun Gong practitioner who is being persecuted for his beliefs by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Tianjin City, Beijing.

Falun Gong practitioner, Zhou Xiangyang (周向阳 ), is said to be close to death in prison hospital. He is on a hunger strike and urgently needs to be released on medical parole. Zhou Xiangyang has been held in the Gangbei Prison in Tianjin City, north of...

The Moral Crisis in China PDF Print E-mail
Real China

Seven Areas that Showcase China’s Moral Crisis

The world may know that China faces a moral crisis, but may not realize how serious the problem really is.

Considering specific examples, from officials raping an innocent child and then declaring her a prostitute, to doctors treating a beggar to a nice meal and then killing him to harvest and sell his organs...

Chinese Graduates Grapple with Unemployment PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Cory Barr   

If any student trying to enter the workforce in China should have an

easy time finding a plum job, it's Wang Zhaohui.

In July, the 30-year-old graduated from China Agricultural University in Beijing --

China's top agriculture academy -- with a PhD in biochemistry and

molecular biology.

That makes him well-positioned to take advantage of the communist regime's drive to

upgrade its competitiveness in science and technology.

But for months...

Communist Regime Backs Down in Wukan Village PDF Print E-mail
Real China

There have been some amazing happenings in Wukan village in Guangdong Province since September 21st this year.

In the communist party (CCP) ruled mainland where land seizures and illegal demolitions take place every day, the villagers in Wukan have shown that people power can embarrass the communist regime into making grudging concessions.

After 8000 villagers took to the streets in September to demand justice, the local officials refused to hear their complaints...

'Batman' Experiences Life In China PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

'Batman' star Christian Bale was punched and stopped from visiting blind Chinese activist, Chen Guangchen recently.

As Christian Bale and a CNN reporter and cameraman approached an impromptu checkpoint leading to this tiny village in eastern China, four men...

Beijing Air: 'Crazy Bad' PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

In past 2 weeks, many cities in north east China area have faced a thick blanket of smoke and particles in the air.  Thanks to the twitter of the US Embassy in Beijing, Chinese are able to know the horrendous situation of air pollution.

"Beyond Index" or "Crazy bad"?

Wikileaks Cables Reveal China Upset By US Embassy's Pollution Reports PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

The US Embassy in Beijing decided to release its own reports on the quality of Beijing’s air because the Chinese official statistics were "unreliable". So the Twitter service @BeijingAir was born.

According to a US Embassy cable from 2009 released by Wikileaks, China’s government was upset with the service because it conflicted...

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