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The Chinese communist regime regards Falun Gong as their most important enemy. The 'deals' between the Chinese regime and Western governments and business trade partners to keep the CCP's atrocities quiet means that those who dare to expose this evil require enormous courage and steadfastness.

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During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

----------- George Orwell

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81 Sun Yat-sen Back For China's Future? China Uncensored
82 Regime's Attempt to Conceal Crimes Against Humanity
83 China’s Illegal Detention of Human Rights Lawyers and Activists CPFC
84 Caging the Tiger China Uncensored
85 Behind the16 Year Old Kunming Mass Killer China Uncensored
86 The Chinese Communist Regime’s Strategies to Overpower the U.S. Chinascope
87 Statement on Xu Zhiyong Sentence Citizen Power for China
88 More Virulent H7N9 in 2014? China Uncensored
89 Activist Arrest Draws International Condemnation Initiatives for China
90 China's Controversial Nomad Relocation Yeshi Dorje, VOA
91 "Baby Box" for Unwanted Children - Only in Communist China China Uncensored
92 Recordings Reveal Scandal Of Chinese Business Executive NTD
93 10 News Events Affecting Chinese Society in 2013 China Uncensored
94 Social Maintenance Fee Forced Man's Suicide China Uncensored
95 Bishop Ma Forced to Take Communist Political Lessons 3 Days A Week China Uncensored
96 Bank Of Tianjing Banked On Bo Xilai's Promise China Uncensored
97 The Ferrari Accident And The 3.19 Coup In Beijing China Uncensored
98 Li Yuanchao And His Elevator Incident ChinaUncensored
99 Chinese Airlines Corruption and Safety Issues China Uncensored
100 Dangerous Scams in Modern China China Uncensored
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